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Predictability in High-Stakes Assessment: Students’ Approach to Learning 44:10 Read by Jo-Anne Baird, Therese Hopfenbeck and Daniel Caro
Does being in care provide protection or increase risk? Understanding the outcom… 1:04:00 Read by Janet Boddy and Donald Forrester
Education, language and the social brain 1:02:16 Read by Neil Mercer
Mobile learning in global health training. What about social justice? 45:29 Read by Niall Winters
Modalities and mechanisms of effective school inspections 44:42 Read by Melanie Ehren and Pamela Sammons
The death of human capital: why there are no exceptions 41:51 Read by Hugh Lauder
Production tasks underestimate the grammatical abilities of sequential bilingual… 55:21 Read by Theodoras Marinis
Contrasting the dynamics of English  and Finnish education policy­making 39:29 Read by Jaakko Kauko
Are there some questions that can’t be answered? The limits of research in teach… 1:00:57 Read by Katharine Burn, Trevor Mutton and Harry Daniels
The rise and rise of testing and use of assessment data in Australia 50:56 Read by Val Klenowski and Jo-Anne Baird
Effects of pre-school education on outcomes at age 16 and predicted lifetime ear… 57:41 Read by Pat Sammons and Kathy Sylva
English language policy and educational planning: Issues and concerns in Asian c… 52:26 Read by Roger Barnard
The Class: Connections and Disconnections in the Digital Age 52:26 Read by Sonia Livingstone and Chris Davies
From Multiversity to Postmodern University 52:22 Read by Claire Donovan
Developing a Dialogic Approach to Early Secondary School Science and Mathematics… 48:08 Read by Kenneth Ruthven
Pronoun Interpretation in the Second Language 33:36 Read by Roumyana Slabakova and Lydia White
Multi-Word Vocabulary and literacy development in children with English as an Ad… 53:25 Read by Vicki Murphy
Can Pyschological Research Improve Selection of Teachers? 50:31 Read by Robert Klassen
Heritage Speaker Bilingualism: Input Issues in Grammatical Outcomes 52:38 Read by Jason Rothman
The Impact of the Social Sciences 35:37 Read by Patrick Dunleavy
Educational Testing as an Accountability Measure 55:16 Read by Christian Ydesen
Can a single model of task complexity differentiate between the difficulty of wr… 42:35 Read by Parvaneh Tavakoli
A Sociocultural Imagination: Studying the Formative Effects of 'Everydayness' 54:56 Read by Harry Daniels
English as an Additional Language: Talking to Learn? 58:43 Read by Constant Leung
The Attraction of Psychology and the Rhetoric of Neuroscience: on 'Knowing How t… 51:18 Read by Paul Smeyers
Student Evaluations of University Teaching: Recommendations for Policy and Pract… 48:14 Read by Herb Marsh
Doing practical work: rationality and heuristics in teaching 34:18 Read by Walter Doyle
Does it matter what 'validity' means? 58:45 Read by Paul E Newton
Exploring the meanings of standards in language testing 1:08:36 Read by Barry O'Sullivan
Task as Workspace for Language Learning and Teaching 1:04:06 Read by Martin Bygate