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Out of the Jaws 14:00 Read by Lord Leslie Griffiths
Ascension Day 11:02 Read by Judith Maltby
After the Ascension: Real Presence or Real Absence? 10:16 Read by Joseph Cassidy
Resurrecting Hope: Murder, Mystery and Redemption 13:20 Read by Sharon Jones
The Horror or the Glory?: Terence Malick's The Thin Red Line 14:56 Read by Nigel Biggar
Painting in vermilion 9:42 Read by Anders Bergquist
Theophany: God's appearing act 15:03 Read by Kate Stowe
Remembering the Shoah 11:45 Read by Jonathan Wittenberg
What God is calling us to do 10:42 Read by Leanne Roberts
Reading the signs of the times 10:51 Read by The Very Revd Fr John O'Connor and OP
Dreams and visions 8:29 Read by The Venerable Christine Allsopp
The Bible 8:04 Read by Brian Leftow
Thomas Harriot: Elizabethan man of Science 14:30 Read by Dr Michael Spivey
An easy yoke? 10:32 Read by The Revd Canon Angela Tilby
Sermon: What is it we are doing here? 8:32 Read by Robert Tobin
A new heart I will give you 10:42 Read by Timothy Radcliffe
Riots or Resistance? 15:31 Read by Hayley Matthews
Whose Crisis? 11:42 Read by John Pritchard
Austerity and Adversity 12:18 Read by Justine Allain Chapman
Was the financial crisis a moral crisis? 11:28 Read by Donald Hay
Sermon: On why the words matter 13:18 Read by Robert Tobin
Musical Meditations 22:20 Read by Oriel College Chapel Choir
Hilary Evensong 18:59 Read by Oriel College Chapel Choir
Candlemas Festal Evensong 31:47 Read by Oriel College Chapel Choir and Robert Tobin
University Sermon for the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary 12:15 Read by Barry Morgan
Epiphany Evensong 24:43 Read by Oriel College Chapel Choir
Myth and Mystery: Faith, otherness and the limits of science 11:54 Read by Tina Beattie
The Sound of Sheer Silence 11:45 Read by David Neaum
Michaelmas Evensong 25:36 Read by Oriel College Chapel Choir
God and the Heart's Desire 10:35 Read by Alister McGrath
Inspiration or Nightmare? Re-evaluating the Old Testament 15:02 Read by Katharine Dell
Sermon: On living a life of plenty 11:23 Read by Robert Tobin
Carol Service 2011 22:41 Read by Oriel College Chapel Choir
Sermon: Charles de Foucauld 6:20 Read by Robert Tobin
Sermon: Christ the King: Shepherd and Judge 10:19 Read by Roderick Strange
Sermon: What shall we pray for those who died? 8:38 Read by Gregor Duncan
Sermon: Fireworks and Martyrs 14:25 Read by John Barton
Sermon: Sir Walter Raleigh: Travel, Theory, Witness 12:23 Read by University of Oxford
Sermon: A Glimpse of Heaven 13:10 Read by Margie Tolstoy
Sermon: Edward the Confessor 5:16 Read by Robert Tobin
Sermon: The Call to Witness 11:35 Read by Robert Tobin


Univ of Oxford. Oriel College Chapel Services.

(5 stars)

Excellent lectures, instuction, teachings, sermons.