Science and Religious Conflict Conference

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University of Oxford Podcasts


A Tale of Two Churches 44:25 Read by Ben Kaplan and Mark Sheehan
Religious Toleration and Political Liberalism 45:32 Read by Susan Mendus and Nick Southwood
Concluding Remarks 17:29 Read by Richard Dawkins
Social psychological aspects of religion and prejudice 50:51 Read by Miles Hewstone and Ingmar Persson
The relation between the neurobiology of morality and religion 59:03 Read by Patricia Churchland and Julian Savulescu
The view from the East pole: Buddhist and Confucian soteriologies and tolerance 51:18 Read by Owen Flanagan and Guy Kahane
Personal religion, tolerance, and universal compassion 51:27 Read by Dan Batson and Steve Clarke
Religious disagreement and religious accommodation 50:01 Read by Tony Coady and Liz Carmichael
Religion and compromise 52:42 Read by Walter Sinnott-Armstrong and Nick Shackel
Religious Toleration, Religious Freedom and Human Nature 47:31 Read by Roger Trigg and John Perry
Religion, Cohesion and Hostility 42:28 Read by Harvey Whitehouse and Michael Wong
Religion as Parochial Altruism 54:18 Read by Ara Norenzayen and John Wilkins
Is Religion an Adaptation for Inter-Group Conflict? 50:57 Read by Dominic Johnson and Russell Powell
Is Religion Adaptive? Integrating Cognition and Function 56:38 Read by Robin Dunbar and Janet Radcliffe-Richards


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(5 stars)