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Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism 1:27:32 Read by Judy Wajcman and John Naughton
Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism 1:27:32 Read by Judy Wajcman and John Naughton
Combatting Corruption with Mobile Phones 1:02:04 Read by Vivek Srinivasan
Africa’s Information Revolution: Rhetoric and Reality 1:13:40 Read by Padraig Carmody
Dying for an iPhone: The Hidden Struggle of China’s Workers 1:21:54 Read by Jenny Chan
Ethical Treatment of Data in New Digital Landscapes - bringing development pract… 36:19 Read by Amy O'Donnell
The (so far) grassroots success story of Farmerline, a social mobile tech enterp… 1:15:20 Read by Alloysius Attah
ICT, Civic Education and Civil Society Capacity Building in Iran 1:05:19 Read by Mariam Memarsadeghi
Tales from the Zooniverse or, What to do with a million scientists 58:00 Read by Chris Lintott and Helen Margetts
De-MOOC-ifying Online Learning 1:26:16 Read by Wally Boston, Phil Ice and Karan Powell
Facing the Crowd: Past, Present, and Furtures of Digital Labor 57:12 Read by Mary L. Gray
There Ain't No 'e' in PPE - How do we fill the digital skills gap at the top lev… 9:55 Read by Tom Steinberg
Digital strategy, social media and elections 9:49 Read by Matthew McGregor
OII Internet Awards 2014: Interview with Beth Noveck 10:00 Read by Beth Noveck
OII Internet Awards 2014: Interview with Laura Bates 9:35 Read by Laura Bates
OII Internet Awards 2014: Interview with Dame Stephanie Shirley 8:27 Read by Stephanie Shirley
OII Internet Awards 2014: Interview with Barry Wellman 10:51 Read by Barry Wellman
Towards an ethics of ignorance? 26:47 Read by Nicklas Lundbland
Your Attention Please: Should human attention be treated as a scarce resource? 41:46 Read by Tim Wu
Researching Life in the Digital Age: A Philosophical Analysis of Data-Intensive … 39:54 Read by Sabina Leonelli
What Hopes for ICT for Development? 53:44 Read by Tim Unwin
Working worlds: perspectives and problems of a tool for thinking about modern sc… 37:05 Read by Jon Agar
Privacy in a Digital Age 9:02 Read by Julian Huppert
The Real-Time City? Big Data and Smart Urbanism 54:53 Read by Rob Kitchin
Thoughts Towards a History of ICT4D - And Its Future Role 1:25:41 Read by David Souter
How best to communicate with communities affected by disaster? Case Studies from… 1:09:56 Read by Nicki Bailey
"Emerging Markets" on the Internet 19:33 Read by Vili Lehdonvirta
How Do People Interact with Virtual Environments? 16:39 Read by Andrew Przybylski
Learning, Education and the Internet 17:52 Read by Rebecca Eynon
ePetitions 17:39 Read by Scott Hale
Does Social Media Use Change the Type of News We Receive? 20:46 Read by Jonathan Bright
The Online Initiative: Rethinking Public Spaces in the Digital Transition 26:00 Read by Luciano Floridi
The Gardener, the Dentist, and the Long-Jumper: Ethics in the Age of Information 32:36 Read by Luciano Floridi
The Internet in a post-PRISM world 44:20 Read by Dan McQuillan
Crowdsourcing and Development of Activity Systems: the Case of Emergency Respons… 50:49 Read by Gregory Asmolov
The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Implications for ICT4D Research 1:19:52 Read by Richard Heeks
Rise of the Operaters 12:04 Read by Mike Bracken
A Better Internet for Kids – With or Without Politicians? 7:33 Read by Simon Milner
You can't solve problems by breaking the net 14:22 Read by Cory Doctorow
Had Bell Invented Visualization, he would have said ... 42:53 Read by Min Chen
Online Labour Markets: Fruit Fly for Social Scientists, Conundrum for Policy Mak… 1:36:45 Read by John Horton
The Internet in Africa: A Perspective from a Practitioner 1:36:30 Read by Andile Ngcaba
New Media, New Civics? 1:03:05 Read by Ethan Zuckerman
Through the Network (of Networks): The Fifth Estate 48:27 Read by William Dutton
Facebook: The Strength of Weak Ties 46:31 Read by Bernie Hogan and Veronica Sartore
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: Online Audiences and the Pa… 45:00 Read by Matthew Hindman
Trusted Computing: Questioning What You Think You Know 50:43 Read by Eugene H. Spafford
Trusted Computing Rants, Regrets and Research 42:34 Read by Sean Smith
The Changing Business of Software 53:33 Read by Michael Cusumano
Regulating Technologies 1:05:29 Read by Roger Brownsword
Negotiation and the Global Information Economy 33:01 Read by JP Singh
If Fiber is the Medium, What is the Message? Next-Generation Content for Next-Ge… 1:03:41 Read by Eli Noam
The Second Life of Urban Planning 41:43 Read by Marcus Foth
Urban Informatics: The Internet, locative media and mobile technology for urbani… 1:18:56 Read by Marcus Foth
Making Science Public: Data-sharing, Dissemination and Public Engagement with Sc… 43:37 Read by Felix Reed-Tsochas, Maxine Clarke, Ben Goldacre and Cameron Neylon
Social Media, So What? Assessing the Impact of Blogs and Social Media 44:26 Read by Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon, Stefan Niggemeier, Evgeny Morozov and Richard Allan
Parties, Campaigns and Representation: The Political Impact of Blogs and Social … 30:12 Read by Helen Margetts, Iain Dale, Andrew Rasiej and Matthew McGregor
Breaking News: The Changing Relationship Between Blogs and Mainstream Media 49:15 Read by David Levy, Richard Sambrook, John Kelly and Jonathan Ford
Internet Governance and Regulation: The Future of the Internet - and How to Stop… 1:00:40 Read by Jonathan Zittrain
Blogging at 20? The Future and Potential of Social Media 16:59 Read by William Dutton, Nigel Shadbolt, Dave Sifry, Richard Allan and Kara Swisher
The Growth of the Corporate Blog: 'Letting go' of Information Control or Maintai… 28:13 Read by Jonathan Silberstein-Loeb, Kara Swisher, Simon Hampton and Mark Rogers
The crisis of global capitalism: towards a new economic culture? 1:29:00 Read by Manuel Castells
Using the Web to do Social Science 51:42 Read by Duncan Watts
From Weblogs to Twitter: How Did We Get Where We Are Today and What Are the Main… 31:25 Read by Kathryn Corrick, Dave Sifry, Bill Thompson, William Dutton and Nigel Shadbolt
National Broadband Policies: Perspectives from the US and Britain 1:27:27 Read by Robert Hahn
Peer to Peer and the Music Industry: The Criminalization of Sharing 1:26:28 Read by Matthew David
Net Neutrality on the Internet: A Two-sided Market Analysis 1:30:48 Read by Nicholas Economides
When the Audience Clicks: Buying Attention in the Digital Age 1:27:56 Read by Joseph Turow
Those Golden Eggs Come From Somewhere: Internet Regulation at a Crossroads 1:11:30 Read by Michael Froomkin
Relationships and the Internet 1:28:22 Read by William Dutton, Nicole Ellison, Bernie Hogan, Joseph B. Walther, Barry Wellman and Monica Whitty
We are the Web: The future of the social machine 1:27:21 Read by Jim Hendler
Giving in the Digital World 1:34:20 Read by Lucy Bernholz
The Global Information Technology Reports: Lessons in Technology, Development an… 35:07 Read by Soumitra Dutta
Delete! 32:54 Read by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Helen Margetts
Authentic Assessment in the era of Social Media: ideas and applications from Int… 48:08 Read by Matthew Allen
The Internet Turns 40: Midlife Crisis or Grand Challenge for Computer-Mediated C… 1:16:22 Read by Steve Jones
Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Internet Games, Social Inequality and Raci… 1:06:34 Read by Lisa Nakamura
What Will A Companionable Computational Agent Be Like? (Lovelace Lecture 2010) 1:01:47 Read by Yorick Wilks
Next Generation Internet Users: Digital Divides, Choices, and Inequalities 7:20 Read by Grant Blank
Information Technologies and Marginalization in African Market Economies 3:39 Read by Laura Mann
Partner Compatibility and Online Dating Sites 4:37 Read by Bernie Hogan and Erina Lee
Presentation and Perception on Online Dating Sites 4:11 Read by Joseph Walther and Nicole Ellison
Scammers on Online Dating Sites 6:04 Read by Monica Whitty and Bernie Hogan
Innovations and Journalism: Finally Together? 1:24:50 Read by Turo Uskali
The Need for Achieving Appropriate Information Sharing and Information Protectio… 1:00:37 Read by David Bray
Does the Mind have a Future? 46:46 Read by Susan Greenfield
Visualisation in the Age of Computerisation 1:02:47 Read by Steve Woolgar
Facebook Resistance? Understanding the Role of the Internet in the Arab Revoluti… 1:03:05 Read by Miriyam Aouragh, Noha Atef, Khaled Hroub and George Weyman
Digital Social Research: An Interdisciplinary Niche or the Future of the Social … 26:11 Read by Peter van den Besselaar
Reproducibility: Gold or Fool's Gold in Digital Social Research? 19:11 Read by Christine Borgman
Visioning Studies: A Socio-technical Approach to Designing the Future 23:27 Read by Diane H. Sonnenwald
Webometrics: The Evolution of a Digital Social Science Research Field 22:17 Read by Mike Thelwall
Computational Perspectives on the Structure and Information Flows in Online Netw… 1:21:43 Read by Jure Leskovec
The Role of Digital Humanities in a Major Natural Disaster 33:53 Read by Paul Millar
Automated Analysis of Information and Social Networks from Social Media Data 58:06 Read by Anatoliy Gruzd
The Life Story of a Pioneer: From Hi-tech to Philanthropy 51:09 Read by Stephanie Shirley
OII Internet and Society Awards: Raspberry Pi 21:33 Read by Victoria Nash and Pete Lomas
The Social Economy: Unleashing Value and Productivity through Social Technologie… 1:12:26 Read by Drummond Bone, Michael Chui, James Manyika and Marc Ventresca
Media Uses and Gratifications: Some Features of the Approach 28:35 Read by Jay Blumler
Media Uses and Gratifications: Some Features of the Approach: Response by Denis … 30:27 Read by Denis McQuail


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