Physics Flash Talks

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Plants, Photosynthesis, and Solar Energy 13:16 Read by Tomas Leijtens
Are we still in the dark about Dark Matter? 9:59 Read by Kathryn Boast
Einstein's Greatest Blunder 9:17 Read by Luke Jew
The Hare and the Tortoise 8:42 Read by Liam Brannigan
Quantum Measurement and Control: How to Roll a Six Everytime 8:46 Read by Wojciech Kozlowski
Space - The Ultimate Laboratory 9:49 Read by Francesca Day
The Physics of the Violin 12:11 Read by Jesse Liu
The coldest place in the Universe 13:11 Read by Tiffany Harte
Heart of Darkness: The Interplay of Galaxies and Dark Matter 9:15 Read by Peter Hatfield
Superconductivity -- alchemy for the 21st Century? 13:23 Read by Ben Williams
Sea Ice Growth: Mushy layers, Convection and Brinicles 10:04 Read by Joe Hitchen
Matter, Antimatter & The Mystery of Existence 11:03 Read by Nazim Hussain
How to find a Higgs boson 11:52 Read by David Hall
What is a Quantum Computer? 13:23 Read by Michael Peterer
Dealing with Frustration - Order in Disorder 9:47 Read by Zhiming Darren Tan
Masters of Nature? - The physics of trying to control the climate 12:46 Read by Richard Millar
Light Fantastic: X-ray Laser Research in Oxford 13:00 Read by David Lloyd
Extra-solar planets: from science-fiction to reality 11:08 Read by Ruth Angus