Botanic Garden Chemistry Audio Tour

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01. Welcome and Introduction 0:59 Read by Alison Foster
02. A few words about chemicals 0:27 Read by Alison Foster
03. Take care with the word organic 0:37 Read by Alison Foster
04. Robert Robinson, a revolutionary chemist 2:54 Read by Ed Anderson
05. Energy from the sun 2:32 Read by Alison Parkin
06. New materials from plants 2:18 Read by James McCullagh
07. The many tastes of ginger 2:08 Read by Ed Anderson
08. The chemistry of decaffeination 1:44 Read by Gem Toes
09. The hottest plant in the world 2:36 Read by Ed Anderson
10. Colourful vegetables 2:03 Read by Elizabeth Rayment
11. The machine inside plants 1:13 Read by Alison Parkin
12. Healing molecules or poisonous plants? 2:22 Read by Diane Lim
13. New medicines from plants 1:05 Read by Alison Foster
14. The caramel tree 2:55 Read by James McCullagh
15. Nitrogen uptake by plants 0:53 Read by Kylie Vincent
16. Nitrogen fixation 1:16 Read by Kylie Vincent
17. Ancient pigments 2:36 Read by James McCullagh
18. Why are plants green? 1:16 Read by Alison Parkin
19. Plants in extreme environments 0:41 Read by Alison Parkin
20. Pigments from plants 1:10 Read by Alison Foster
21. Thank you and goodbye 0:20 Read by Alison Foster