Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO) seminars

University of Oxford Podcasts


Keynote: Evolutionary Ecology of Present-Day Obesity Production 21:11 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Famine, Starvation, and Narratives of Hunger 34:05 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
UNU Lecture- Nutrition and Health Transition 15:45 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
UNU Lecture- Societal Change and Health 19:19 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
UNU Lecture-Systems Change and Obesity 34:05 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Keynote: Nutritional States and Welfare Regimes 25:49 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Nutritional Anthropology Lecture- Evolution of Human Nutrition 51:36 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Malaysian Food Barometer 8:19 Read by Elise Mognard
Clothes, Sizing and Obesity 13:40 Read by Maciej Henneberg
Is Obesity a Disease? 7:47 Read by Paul Griffiths
Obesity and time urgency 20:24 Read by Peter Whybrow
Political ecology of obesity 17:52 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Inequality and obesity 33:13 Read by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
The history of the obesity epidemic 19:19 Read by Thorkild Sørensen
Behavioral biology and obesity 45:15 Read by Trent Smith
Anthropology, Childhood, and Obesity 27:49 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Evidence of the effectiveness of health-related food taxes 47:28 Read by Peter Scarborough
'It’s not fat – it’s bioprene’: marathon swimming and heroic fatness 38:52 Read by Karen Throsby
Rodent Models of Obesity-Reductionist Approaches to Understanding the Basis of a… 52:31 Read by Neil Docherty
Exploring critical geographies of obesity and fatness: environments, bodies and … 48:08 Read by Rachel Colls
From denial to corporate social responsibility: rhetoric of the food industry on… 45:23 Read by Amadine Garde
The Disenchantment of the Plate 27:31 Read by John Coveney
What would the British food system look like if it took ecological public health… 53:19 Read by Geof Rayner
Bodies of water 27:31 Read by Amy Sharrocks
Microbes matter: metabolism and chronic disease in contemporary biomedicine 41:15 Read by Nadine Levin
‘How many bodies?’ The clinic, the kitchen and the context of obesity 41:50 Read by Emily Yates-Doerr
Obesity in the news media life cycle: ethics, responsibility, and stigmatisation 40:51 Read by Catriona Bonfiglioli
Brief interventions for weight management in primary care 34:31 Read by Amanda Lewis
Comparative political ecologies of food and diet: systems of provision in Trinid… 32:17 Read by Marisa Wilson
The intimacies of the celebrity chef industry: affects, effects and the mediatio… 36:56 Read by Emma-Jayne Abbots
Obesity and physical activity: from behaviour to environment 53:25 Read by Jean-Michel Oppert
Liminal living: eating disordered embodiment and the reconfiguring of social bei… 40:15 Read by Karin Eli
Biocultural perspectives on globalizing fat stigma 38:00 Read by Alexandra Brewis
Tropical Medicine Obesity, systems and complexity 37:36 Read by Harry Rutter
Feeding the Elderly: A study of political, societal and individual practices reg… 28:13 Read by Jenna Jensen
Behavioural economics and eating habits 43:12 Read by Michèle Belot
Status Food and State Food: Notes on Obesity in Cuba 25:36 Read by Giovanna Neri
Beyond 'fat tax': What is the role and potential of food taxes? 31:52 Read by Hannah Graff
Network mathematics in the social sciences: concepts, applications, and perspect… 50:16 Read by Mariano Beguerisse-Diaz
Infant feeding at home and in the nursery in post-1945 Britain: an oral history … 43:22 Read by Angela Davis
Minority families and barriers to health care 25:30 Read by Hiranthi Jayaweera
Treating obesity early in life: the common misunderstandings between parents and… 33:06 Read by Laurel Edmunds
Children's eating habits and food preferences: determinants and consequences 47:03 Read by Lucy Cooke
Social marketing and public health with Change4Life 33:04 Read by Kevin Chan
Eating NatureCulture: material feminism and maternal obesity 48:06 Read by Megan Waren
Childhood obesity: what are its future health and social consequences? 40:33 Read by Jennifer Baker
Resilience building in trajectories towards sustainability: an examination of co… 31:35 Read by Rebecca White
Visual political economies and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro 38:19 Read by Udi Butler
Parents as gatekeepers: introduction to family therapy in obesity treatment 40:41 Read by Paulina Nowicka
5 SOLDIERS - The Body Is The Frontline 41:51 Read by Rosie Kay
Predictable obesity? An ecological approach for identifying future health risk 46:01 Read by Caroline Potter
Two Perspectives on the Longitudinal Trends in Food Consumption: The Case of Den… 39:14 Read by Tenna Jensen
Systems Science and Inequalities in Obesity in England - Findings from an Agent-… 54:38 Read by Abdulrahman El-Sayid
Fizzyology: genetics, metabolic effects health outcomes and politics of high sug… 48:28 Read by Michael Goran
The phenomenology of binge eating in anorexia and bulimia 33:46 Read by Karin Eli
Digital image capture in public health surveillance for physical activity and fo… 45:58 Read by Paul Kelly and Aiden Doherty
Affective hunger: bread and famine in ethiopian christian spirituality 47:30 Read by Cressida Marcus
Why do we dislike obese people? 48:43 Read by Kerry O'Brien
Insights into the Development of Wellbeing in the Very Long Run 39:36 Read by Nikola Koepke
International Initiatives in Obesity Prevention 50:56 Read by Phillip James
Understanding Determinants of Phenotypic Variation: A Gloomy Prospect? 48:40 Read by George Davey Smith
Alanine Transaminase vs. Socio-Cultural Factors in determining body mass increas… 42:30 Read by Maciej Henneberg
From Within 41:02 Read by Annie Cattrell
Korea: Indications and Implications 39:29 Read by Daniel Schwkendiek
Inquiry into the Simultaneous Existence of Malnutirion and Overweight in India 48:37 Read by Aravinda Gunupalli
The Dilemmas of Affluence: Lessons from the Great American Experiment 53:04 Read by Peter Whybrow
Physiological Demands of Dance 32:12 Read by Emma Redding
Why people get fat: an integral approach 39:48 Read by Mike Rayner and Stanley Ulijaszek
Genetics of obesity, and the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children 55:52 Read by Nicholas Timpson
Networks and Obesity 41:00 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek