Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity (UBVO) seminars

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Keynote: Evolutionary Ecology of Present-Day Obesity Production 21:11 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Famine, Starvation, and Narratives of Hunger 34:05 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
UNU Lecture- Nutrition and Health Transition 15:45 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
UNU Lecture- Societal Change and Health 19:19 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
UNU Lecture-Systems Change and Obesity 34:05 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Keynote: Nutritional States and Welfare Regimes 25:49 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Nutritional Anthropology Lecture- Evolution of Human Nutrition 51:36 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Malaysian Food Barometer 8:19 Read by Elise Mognard
Clothes, Sizing and Obesity 13:40 Read by Maciej Henneberg
Is Obesity a Disease? 7:47 Read by Paul Griffiths
Obesity and time urgency 20:24 Read by Peter Whybrow
Political ecology of obesity 17:52 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Inequality and obesity 33:13 Read by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett
The history of the obesity epidemic 19:19 Read by Thorkild Sørensen
Behavioral biology and obesity 45:15 Read by Trent Smith
Anthropology, Childhood, and Obesity 27:49 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek
Evidence of the effectiveness of health-related food taxes 47:28 Read by Peter Scarborough
'It’s not fat – it’s bioprene’: marathon swimming and heroic fatness 38:52 Read by Karen Throsby
Rodent Models of Obesity-Reductionist Approaches to Understanding the Basis of a… 52:31 Read by Neil Docherty
Exploring critical geographies of obesity and fatness: environments, bodies and … 48:08 Read by Rachel Colls
From denial to corporate social responsibility: rhetoric of the food industry on… 45:23 Read by Amadine Garde
The Disenchantment of the Plate 27:31 Read by John Coveney
What would the British food system look like if it took ecological public health… 53:19 Read by Geof Rayner
Bodies of water 27:31 Read by Amy Sharrocks
Microbes matter: metabolism and chronic disease in contemporary biomedicine 41:15 Read by Nadine Levin
‘How many bodies?’ The clinic, the kitchen and the context of obesity 41:50 Read by Emily Yates-Doerr
Obesity in the news media life cycle: ethics, responsibility, and stigmatisation 40:51 Read by Catriona Bonfiglioli
Brief interventions for weight management in primary care 34:31 Read by Amanda Lewis
Comparative political ecologies of food and diet: systems of provision in Trinid… 32:17 Read by Marisa Wilson
The intimacies of the celebrity chef industry: affects, effects and the mediatio… 36:56 Read by Emma-Jayne Abbots
Obesity and physical activity: from behaviour to environment 53:25 Read by Jean-Michel Oppert
Liminal living: eating disordered embodiment and the reconfiguring of social bei… 40:15 Read by Karin Eli
Biocultural perspectives on globalizing fat stigma 38:00 Read by Alexandra Brewis
Tropical Medicine Obesity, systems and complexity 37:36 Read by Harry Rutter
Feeding the Elderly: A study of political, societal and individual practices reg… 28:13 Read by Jenna Jensen
Behavioural economics and eating habits 43:12 Read by Michèle Belot
Status Food and State Food: Notes on Obesity in Cuba 25:36 Read by Giovanna Neri
Beyond 'fat tax': What is the role and potential of food taxes? 31:52 Read by Hannah Graff
Network mathematics in the social sciences: concepts, applications, and perspect… 50:16 Read by Mariano Beguerisse-Diaz
Infant feeding at home and in the nursery in post-1945 Britain: an oral history … 43:22 Read by Angela Davis
Minority families and barriers to health care 25:30 Read by Hiranthi Jayaweera
Treating obesity early in life: the common misunderstandings between parents and… 33:06 Read by Laurel Edmunds
Children's eating habits and food preferences: determinants and consequences 47:03 Read by Lucy Cooke
Social marketing and public health with Change4Life 33:04 Read by Kevin Chan
Eating NatureCulture: material feminism and maternal obesity 48:06 Read by Megan Waren
Childhood obesity: what are its future health and social consequences? 40:33 Read by Jennifer Baker
Resilience building in trajectories towards sustainability: an examination of co… 31:35 Read by Rebecca White
Visual political economies and the favelas of Rio de Janeiro 38:19 Read by Udi Butler
Parents as gatekeepers: introduction to family therapy in obesity treatment 40:41 Read by Paulina Nowicka
5 SOLDIERS - The Body Is The Frontline 41:51 Read by Rosie Kay
Predictable obesity? An ecological approach for identifying future health risk 46:01 Read by Caroline Potter
Two Perspectives on the Longitudinal Trends in Food Consumption: The Case of Den… 39:14 Read by Tenna Jensen
Systems Science and Inequalities in Obesity in England - Findings from an Agent-… 54:38 Read by Abdulrahman El-Sayid
Fizzyology: genetics, metabolic effects health outcomes and politics of high sug… 48:28 Read by Michael Goran
The phenomenology of binge eating in anorexia and bulimia 33:46 Read by Karin Eli
Digital image capture in public health surveillance for physical activity and fo… 45:58 Read by Paul Kelly and Aiden Doherty
Affective hunger: bread and famine in ethiopian christian spirituality 47:30 Read by Cressida Marcus
Why do we dislike obese people? 48:43 Read by Kerry O'Brien
Insights into the Development of Wellbeing in the Very Long Run 39:36 Read by Nikola Koepke
International Initiatives in Obesity Prevention 50:56 Read by Phillip James
Understanding Determinants of Phenotypic Variation: A Gloomy Prospect? 48:40 Read by George Davey Smith
Alanine Transaminase vs. Socio-Cultural Factors in determining body mass increas… 42:30 Read by Maciej Henneberg
From Within 41:02 Read by Annie Cattrell
Korea: Indications and Implications 39:29 Read by Daniel Schwkendiek
Inquiry into the Simultaneous Existence of Malnutirion and Overweight in India 48:37 Read by Aravinda Gunupalli
The Dilemmas of Affluence: Lessons from the Great American Experiment 53:04 Read by Peter Whybrow
Physiological Demands of Dance 32:12 Read by Emma Redding
Why people get fat: an integral approach 39:48 Read by Mike Rayner and Stanley Ulijaszek
Genetics of obesity, and the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children 55:52 Read by Nicholas Timpson
Networks and Obesity 41:00 Read by Stanley Ulijaszek


it's raycyst

(4.5 stars)

These upper class ivory league bastions of liberality and big words marginalize BIPOC culture and recapitulate the systemic oppression of heteronotmative gender identities.