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Lady White Lecture 2015: If not you, who? If not now, when? 32:36 Read by Caroline Plumb
Human Chain 36:09 Read by Julia Bray
Can historians write the History of Sport? 47:37 Read by Ross McKibbin
Brave New World: how women can lead the way 48:35 Read by Clare Shine
Language and Medieval literature. 21:02 Read by Dr Carolyne Larrington
Dyslexia, Language and Learning to Read 49:54 Read by Margaret Snowling
Phytoplankton: the Ocean's Microscopic Flora 15:40 Read by Heather Bouman and Maggie Snowling
Why are we still trying to understand the outbreak of World War One? 46:57 Read by Margaret MacMillan
Trusting what you're told: Founder's Lecture 2012 47:00 Read by Paul Harris
The Energy Challenge (Founder's Lecture 2011) 1:02:01 Read by Christopher Llewellyn-Smith