Translational Medicine

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University of Oxford Podcasts


Enteric fever 5:15 Read by Christiane Dolecek
Emerging Infectious Diseases 6:12 Read by Peter Horby
Human Cancer Genetics 5:12 Read by Gareth Bond
Personalised Medicine 4:09 Read by Jenny Taylor
Cancer predisposition and evolution 3:45 Read by Ian Tomlinson
Cancer Informatics 6:01 Read by Benjamin Schuster-Böckler
Biological imaging 7:25 Read by Jens Rittscher
Pharmacogenomics 4:27 Read by Sebastian Nijman
Microbiology in Thailand 5:46 Read by Stuart Blacksell
Infectious diseases in South East Asia 6:28 Read by Nick Day
Rickettsial Disease 6:11 Read by Daniel Paris
Better hospitals for children 4:23:00 Read by Mike English
Health systems research 7:11:00 Read by Sassy Molyneux
Virus entry 4:56 Read by Sergi Padilla-Parra
DNA replication and Cancer 7:05 Read by Catherine Green
Big Data 6:19 Read by Christopher Yau
Between research and humanitarian 6:24 Read by Francois Nosten
Tuberculous Meningitis 7:49:00 Read by Guy Thwaites
Crohn's disease 7:09:00 Read by Alison Simmons
Structural biology and vaccines 7:56 Read by Dave Stuart
Stem cells and cancer 5:18:00 Read by Simon Leedham
Cancer and innate immunity 5:57:00 Read by Mads Gryd-Hansen
Asthma 7:05:00 Read by Ian Pavord
Pneumococcal diseases 4:59:00 Read by Angela Brueggemann
Active and passive immunity to Influenza 31:17 Read by Alain Townsend
Human Genetics 5:55 Read by Peter Donnelly
The Global Health Network 6:26 Read by Trudie Lang
Artemisinin therapy for malaria by Professor Nick White 5:32 Read by Nick White
Atherosclerosis and immunity by Professor Chris O'Callaghan 5:30 Read by Chris O’Callaghan
Respiratory Medicine 5:55 Read by Najib Rahman
Psychiatric genetics 4:28 Read by Jonathan Flint
Development of chemical probes 7:09 Read by Stefan Knapp
Can we block malaria transmission 7:50 Read by Sumi Biswas
Membrane proteins and drug development 5:01 Read by Liz Carpenter
MedicineAfrica 6:12 Read by Alexander Finlayson
Structural cell biology of virus infection 6:25 Read by Kay Grunewald
Molecular immunology 4:04 Read by Christian Eggeling
The lymphatic system in immunity and cancer 7:21 Read by David Jackson
Cutaneous immunology 6:02 Read by Graham Ogg
Fiona Powrie 4:28 Read by Fiona Powrie
Clinical Trials in Gastroenterology 4:11 Read by Simon Travis
Cancer Immunlogy 7:33 Read by Vincenzo Cerundolo
Cancer and regenerative medicine 4:19 Read by Xin Lu
How the immune system detects flu virus 7:32 Read by Jan Rehwinkel
Can we eradicate HIV? 6:19 Read by Dr John Frater
Viral vectored vaccine development 3:58 Read by Sarah Gilbert
Multiple Sclerosis 4:08 Read by Lars Fugger
INDOX Cancer Research Network 3:56 Read by Raghib Ali
Childhood Nutrition and Immunity 7:16 Read by Jay Berkley
Immune System in the Gastrointestinal tract 5:27 Read by Holm Uhlig
Autoimmunity 8:56 Read by Richard Cornall
Progress in Malaria Vaccine Research 6:38 Read by Simon Draper
Rift Valley Fever 5:14 Read by George Warimwe
Diabetes in Young Adults 5:13 Read by Katherine Owen
Cancer Metabolism 4:03 Read by Patrick Pollard
Diabetes and Genomics 8:00 Read by Mark McCarthy
Universal Flu Vaccine 6:37 Read by Richard Antrobus
Malaria vaccine for P. vivax 7:05 Read by Arturo Reyes-Sandoval
Wider Statin Use Saves Lives 5:56 Read by Colin Baigent
Can we eradicate Tuberculosis? 5:34 Read by Helen Fletcher
Genome Integrity 6:25 Read by Opher Gileadi
Dengue Infection 5:18 Read by Kerstin Luhn
HIV Vaccine Development 5:48 Read by Tomas Hanke
Personalised Diabetes Treatment 5:43 Read by Stephen Gough
Statistical Genetics 7:24 Read by Gil McVean
Liver Fat Metabolism 7:28 Read by Leanne Hodson
Metabolism of Fatty Acids 4:45 Read by Barbara Fielding
Lowering cholesterol in chronic kidney disease 5:44 Read by Colin Baigent
Hepatitis C vaccine 5:08 Read by Ellie Barnes
Genetics and Diabetes 4:22 Read by Anna Gloyn
Infectious diseases in China 7:13 Read by Tao Dong
The treatment of severe malaria 8:08 Read by Arjen Dondorp
HIV and children in Africa 6:07 Read by Sarah Rowland-Jones
Diabetes and Insulin Secretion 7:43 Read by Patrik Rorsman
How can we live with HIV? 3:39 Read by Lucy Dorrell
Viruses, how to be the perfect host 4:34 Read by Paul Klenerman
Genomics and Global Health 5:49 Read by Dominic Kwiatkowski
Specific Language Impairment 4:02 Read by Dianne Newbury
HIV immunology for Vaccine Design 7:56 Read by Seph Borrow
Renal Disease 7:01 Read by Chris Pugh
Dyslexia and Genetics 7:05 Read by Silvia Paracchini
Aiming for a HIV vaccine 6:56 Read by Andrew McMichael
Palliative Care 5:02 Read by Bee Wee
Tropical Medicine in Kenya 3:57 Read by Kevin Marsh
Cancer and Protein Crystallography 5:48 Read by Yvonne Jones
Obesity and Diabetes 5:36 Read by Fredrik Karpe
Proteomics and Biomarkers 8:32 Read by Benedikt Kessler
Role of Lifestyle and Diet in Cancer 4:31 Read by Tim Key
Autophagy 5:26 Read by Katja Simon
Spondyloarthritis 4:38 Read by Paul Bowness
Obesity and Genetics 8:03 Read by Cecilia Lindgren
Iron Metabolism 8:16 Read by Hal Drakesmith
Tuberculosis 3:54 Read by Helen McShane
Drug Discovery 5:25 Read by Chas Bountra
Genetic Variation in Inflammation and Immunity 5:16 Read by Julian Knight
Chromatin Remodelling 4:57 Read by Erika Mancini
Malaria and Global Health 7:42 Read by Climent Casals-Pascual
Women's Health 6:32 Read by Krina Zondervan
Malaria Vaccines 5:25 Read by Adrian Hill


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awesome and best chronological arrangement of topics.... wow... جزاك الله خيرا

Very through book

(5 stars)

Excellent book, very informative.