Alumni Weekend

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Can Future Energy Needs be Met Sustainably? 1:11:44 Read by Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, Juliet Davenport OBE, Jan Dusik and Graham van't Hoff
Cultural Frontier: Early 20th Century Vienna 1:15:13 Read by Bethany Bell, Shearer West, Ritchie Robertson and Jonathan Cross
Quo Vadis Ukraine: The Conflict and Beyond 1:30:33 Read by Lord Patten of Barnes, Jutta Edthofer, Gwendolyn Sasse and Michael Bociurkiw
Sacred Landscapes, Buddhist Temples: A case study from Central Tibet 54:54 Read by Ulrike Roesler
Choice or Accident? The outbreak of the First World War 39:56 Read by Margaret MacMillan
The Commercial Evolution of Microfinance: From donor dependence to sustainable s… 41:35 Read by Ira Lieberman and Juan Guerra
Oxford’s Global Leadership in Social Enterprise: A panel discussion 38:28 Read by Pamela Hartigan
Innovation in Financing Human Well-being 25:04 Read by John Bell and Will Hutton
Why is Oxford Determined to Change the Way We Discover New Medicines? 43:13 Read by Chas Bountra
Richard Nixon’s Reputation: 40 years after Watergate 55:14 Read by Nigel Bowles
Richard Ovenden and Diarmaid MacCulloch in Conversation 59:25 Read by Richard Ovenden and Diarmaid MacCulloch
What Maths Really Does: From modelling the brain to modelling the climate 58:55 Read by Alain Goriely
Understanding Fracking for Shale Gas 48:55 Read by Joe Cartwright
What is a Cyber-Attack? 1:03:44 Read by Sadie Creese
The 2020 Vision for Engineering Science in Oxford 39:05 Read by Lionel Tarassenko
Jenkin Lecture The Oxford RobotCar 1:07:08 Read by Paul Newman
The Butterfly Defect: How globalisation creates systemic risks 53:57 Read by Ian Goldin
Living with Flooding: Science, democracy and the complex challenge of managing e… 43:22 Read by Sarah Whatmore
The Ottoman Front: The First World War in the Middle East 39:25 Read by Eugene Rogan
The Future of the Past: Dating archaeology using radiocarbon and particle accele… 38:57 Read by Tom Higham
Heroes, Villains and Victims: The dangerous politics of international migration 53:50 Read by Bridget Anderson, Hein de Haas, Martin Ruhs and Katrin Bennhold
Forbidden Crystal Symmetry: Mathematics and architecture 55:01 Read by Roger Penrose
70 Years On: My, how you’ve changed! 48:59 Read by Chris Patten
Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Environmentalism without nature 47:53 Read by Jamie Lorimer
Black Land, Red Land: The Nile Valley and Egypt’s Western Desert 1:05:47 Read by Mark Smith
The Biogeography of Madagascar: A Gondwanan island 1:10:44 Read by Matt Friedman
Healthcare 2030: Oxford and the Value of Human Health 58:38 Read by Chas Bountra, Jonathan Flint and Nick Rawlins
Alumni Weekend in Asia 2014, Hong Kong - Highlights 5:00 Read by Andrew Hamilton and Chris Patten
Alumni Weekend in Asia 2014: Closing Speech by Chancellor 11:52 Read by Chris Patten
The Num8er My5teries 1:10:42 Read by Marcus du Sautoy
Alumni Weekend in Asia 2014: Does the 21st Century belong to Asia? 1:21:27 Read by Ranna Mitter, Linda Yeuh, Ngaire Woods, Peter Tufano and Chris Patten
Alumni Weekend in Asia 2014: Welcome and University Update by Vice-Chancellor 27:21 Read by Andrew Hamilton
Translations as Literature 1:04:08 Read by Matthew Reynolds
An Oxford Education 51:27 Read by Andrew Hamilton, Mike Nicholson, Helen Swift, Priscilla Santos and Jenny Brennan
Medieval Romance and the Gift of Narrative 1:04:04 Read by Nicholas Perkins
From the Arab Spring to the Syrian War: Regional, international and humanitarian… 35:00 Read by Hugo Slim and Louise Fawcett
Biotechnology: For better or worse? 36:50 Read by Marianne Talbot
Fireworks Displays: The chemistry of explosive entertainment 1:00:03 Read by Tom Smith
The Secret Mathematicians 51:41 Read by Marcus du Sautoy
Measuring Global Poverty 42:22 Read by Sabina Alkire
Writing Contemporary Fiction: From Inspiration to Publication 1:13:27 Read by James Benmore, Samantha Shannon, Sam Thompson and Clare Morgan
Physics in the 21st Century 1:13:40 Read by John Wheater, Derek Stacy and Jay Watson
A Successful Strategy for Building Normal Brains - Nature or Nurture? 39:54 Read by Simon Butt
Against All Odds: Recovering the first climate data from the central Sahara 45:00 Read by Richard Washington
Divided Nations: Why global governance is failing, and what we can do about it 54:02 Read by Ian Goldin
Big Data and Drug Discovery (The Osler Discussion) 1:12:28 Read by Martin Landray
Trust, Free Speech and British Pluralism in the 21st Century 42:39 Read by Chris Patten
Love and Sex in Victorian Fiction 1:03:57 Read by David Grylls
Darwin's Fish: Evolutionary controversies in the fossil record 1:05:47 Read by Matt Friedman
Socrates and 'The Hemlock Cup' 54:22 Read by Bettany Hughes
Exploring the Universe 36:48 Read by Rana Irshad
The Arrogance of Power: Senator Fulbright's Concept and Today's World 38:40 Read by Sir Adam Roberts
What the World Needs Now from the Environmental Movement 46:55 Read by Kumi Naidoo
Colliding Continents 55:25 Read by Mike Searle
Where will Tomorrow's Food Come From - and What will be the Consequences? 45:19 Read by Tim Benton and Mary Atkinson
The Oxford English Dictionary: From Victorian venture to the digital age endeavo… 58:19 Read by Fiona McPherson
The Battle for the Black Vote: Findings from the Ethnic Minority Election Survey 1:18:36 Read by Anthony Heath
The Fraud of Forgiveness without Reconciliation in Economic Life. 56:44 Read by Michael Black
Reporting Education 22:00 Read by Reeta Chakrabarti
Spain and Europe, Old Myths and New Realities 27:07 Read by Charles Powell, Esperanza Aguirre and Tom Burns
The Spanish Golden Age 54:13 Read by Frances Lannon, John Elliott and Jonathan Thacker
Shakespeare's Fools 50:15 Read by Katherine Duncan-Jones
Physics in the 21st century - an exciting Time for Physics at oxford 39:10 Read by John Wheater, Alan Barr and Henry Snaith
Mystical Northern Lights 41:42 Read by Rob Simpson
Zooniverse: what to do with half a million scientists? 43:44 Read by Chris Lintott and Rob Simpson
Social Mobility - The Greatest Challenge of our Time? 32:41 Read by Sir Peter Lampi
How the West Got it 45:57 Read by Richard Jenkyns
Rich and Poor in Britain in the Age of Dickens and Today 1:03:47 Read by Alison Jackson, Jane Humphries, Helen Small and Paul Donovan
Military Ethics Ancient and Modern 53:34 Read by Matthew Leigh
Hard words, best words words in use, writing the inventory of english 26:52 Read by Lynda Mugglestone
How to eat an Elephant: Why Climate Change Policy is in a Mess and How to Fix it 1:01:01 Read by Steve Rayner
Going into Politics? Tales from an Academic in Westminster 37:59 Read by Marc Stears and Mark Philip
The Constitutional Issues surrounding devolution in the UK 1:11:12 Read by Iain MacLean and Will Hutton
Revolutionising 21st Century Healthcare Through Technology 46:35 Read by Constantin Coussios, Lionel Tarassenko, Alison Noble and Andrew Hamilton
End of Life: Should Physician-Assisted Dying be Legalised? 1:12:54 Read by Fiona Randall, Richard Harries, Antony Kenny, Mary Warnock, Ian Chalmers and Terence English
American election Prospects and Consequences: 2012 and Beyond 1:03:43 Read by Nigel Bowles
Lumley's Children? The Nepali Community in Britain 53:41 Read by David Gellner
Creating a 'John Lewis' economy? - encouraging Corporate Diversity for Sustainab… 48:12 Read by Jonathan Michie
Party Games: Coalition Government in British Politics 31:01 Read by Angus Hawkins
The Flexible City: overcoming Lock-In and Path-Dependency 50:07 Read by Steve Rayner
How Hollywood Votes and Why it Matters 41:45 Read by Tim Stanley
The Thomas Willis Oxford Brain Collection 49:59 Read by Margaret Esiri
Wobbles, warbles and fish the brain basis of reading difficulties 53:04 Read by John Stein
Ebooks, Reading and Scholarship in a Digital Age 1:02:11 Read by Niko Pfund
Has the West Had It? 52:31 Read by Chris Patten
Vaccines for Global Health 56:37 Read by Adrian Hill
Napoleon 54:40 Read by Brian Unwin
Europe in the World 1:06:54 Read by Chris Patten, Anne Deighton, Barbara Harris-White, Alan Wolfe and Linda Yueh
What Europe for our grandchildren? 43:47 Read by Timothy Garton Ash
Governing the 21st Century: Oxford's new Blavatnik School of Government 22:20 Read by Ngaire Woods
Towards a Fairer Society 52:24 Read by Sally Mapstone, Hugh Dent, Fiona Caldicott and Peter Quinn
The Ethics of Climate Change 50:16 Read by John Broome
Justice Between Generations 49:12 Read by Mark Philp, Simon Caney and Adam Swift
Earthquake Science in the 21st Century 59:17 Read by Richard Walker
900 years of making a difference: the history of philanthropy at the University … 1:09:14 Read by Chris Day
The Population Paradox 55:52 Read by David Coleman, George Leeson and Nando Sigona
New Cells for Old Members: The Science of Stem Cells 1:07:08 Read by Francis Szele
The Changing Character of War 55:54 Read by Robert Johnson
Twirling the Kaleidoscope: The Byzantine Empire 1:02:58 Read by Peter Frankopan
Food, Health and the Future 33:06 Read by Jane Langdale, Mike Rayner and Klim McPherson