2013 Carnegie-Uehiro-Oxford Ethics Conference: Happiness and Well-Being

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Well-being in a Flux 28:41 Read by Krister Bykvist
Well-Being for Autists: Some Conceptual and Methodological Issues 35:19 Read by Raffaele Rodogno
Benefitting Friends and Idealized Theories of Well-Being 32:35 Read by Valerie Tiberius
Past Desires and Well-being 27:28 Read by Kazunobu Narita
Well-being and Desire 30:54 Read by Brad Hooker
The Certain Intrinsic Desirability of Pleasure 24:42 Read by Ingmar Persson
Should one suffer at all? 21:27 Read by Satoshi Kodama
Plural Goods 33:57 Read by Thomas Hurka


too unclear to hear

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as an autistic I tried chapter 2. I can hardly make out what's being said due to background noise and what I assume is poor microphone position.


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None of the speakers is identified.