The New Psychology of Depression

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University of Oxford Podcasts


What is depression? 31:36 Read by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
How is depression treated? 28:13 Read by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
Can treatments such as Cognitive Therapy help? 32:52 Read by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: A new approach to treating depression 37:11 Read by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on trial 24:29 Read by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
Mindfulness and the brain 27:46 Read by Mark Williams and Danny Penman
Introduction to Mindfulness 2:53 Read by Mark Williams
The Science of Mindfulness 3:35 Read by Mark Williams
Supporting Mindfulness 3:14 Read by Mark Williams
Guided Meditation 3:19 Read by Mark Williams


How did they enter my brain?!

(5 stars)

Text book informal but informative. All the symptoms & solutions match exactly my feelings. For the first time in a long time I'm optimistic about my condition. And found chapter 1 a perfect explanation to my partner about what depression is.

(5 stars)

succinct and on point, information that is detailed and helpful, without being bogged down in scientific babel.

so informative!

(5 stars)

This is an interesting and well laid out discussion.

very informative informations for those who have PTSD and depressive disorder.

(5 stars)

The brain sickness isn’t go aways it going to be there whether I thought I am healed. The missing arm still a missing arm on the patient till death, so as depressive disorder. Or any kind of brains sickness. I hated to sound such pessimistic but it is what it is. One have to learns as much as he could so that he can stay alive. Doctors may known somethings, but to find the best doctors or healers it starts with the best patient. The best patient is the one doing research and knowledgeable of his condition as well as symptoms, perhaps how to dealt with PTSD. Perhaps, the best patient may be able to tell how talented the healer is. Otherwise the patient will get the extbook diagnosis , of which is for the masses and the treatment is just vaguely and generally, since there 7.5 billions people this earth. Each of us have ours own eyes and ears, individually may saw or heard such terrible sounds. So don’t expect the doctor or healers knew the patient inside out. Unless the doctor is in the patient shoes and experienced such trauma such horrible feelings of the patient went through.

very helpful

(5 stars)

found this to be very helpful in understanding why I always have anxiety and why my mind always seems to be roaming all the time. more importantly, how I can always get it to come relax, relax and face the problems I have always avoided, the emotions I have always suppressed, the resentment for other people's success, the "what should I have done to make things right", being afraid of the future etc. now I get to always focus on the here and now. thanks

wonderful insight

(5 stars)

I thought it was a great book. the interview style was interesting and he really broke down the enormous, sometimes overwhelming topic of depression into bite size chewable pieces. It seemed like I was in a psychology class in college...but a very good class with an excellent professor! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Being aware

(5 stars)

The audiobook talks about depression and mindfullness.The part i was lured in was the meditation and what it does. Meditation really helps to wake you up bcs nowadays we are all on autopilot and its beautiful when you wake up.Will start to meditate.

(5 stars)

wow I took 10 days Vipassana meditation course few years ago, and it helped me overcome my depression. This podcasts explain it better and without any spiritual influences, easier to under and make lots of senses