MIT 9.00 Introduction to Psychology, Fall 2004

(4.6 stars; 51 reviews)

Instructor: Prof. Jeremy Wolfe
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This course surveys questions about human behavior and mental life ranging from how you see to why you fall in love. The great controversies: nature and nurture, free will, consciousness, human differences, self and society. Students are exposed to the range of theoretical perspectives including biological, evolutionary, cognitive, and psychoanalytic. One of the best aspects of Psychology is that you are the subject matter. This makes it possible to do many demonstrations in lecture that allow you to experience the topic under study. Lectures work in tandem with the textbook. The course breaks into small recitations sections to allow discussion, oral presentations, and individual contact with instructors.


L1 1:19:33
L2 1:17:58
L3 1:19:03
Review 1:38:44
L4 1:18:18
L5 1:22:02
L6 1:19:49
L7 1:20:48
L8 1:20:03
L9 1:16:47
L11 1:13:55
L12 1:23:30
L13 1:20:32
L14 1:12:58
L15 1:21:48
L16 1:21:44
L17 1:21:41
L18 1:19:30
L19 1:20:04
L20 1:24:04
L21 1:16:38
L22 1:19:21
L23 51:50


(4 stars)

Very interesting content, but the professor is hard to listen to because of nearly constant stuttering and tripping over his words. Perhaps slowing down a bit during the lectures would have resolved some of that.

freat course if you look for an intro in psychology

(5 stars)

the professor doing the course is not just witty, but really fun to listen to

Awesome introduction to a fascinating field!

(5 stars)