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(4.5 stars; 549 reviews)

The Sellites haven’t changed in thousands of years. They virtually rule their binary system, trading technology and minerals for anything they need. But they make a mistake with the new batch of fourteen-year-old donor apprentices they are taking back to their home planet, Valhai. Among them are a homeless no-name from the planet Kwaide and a member of the ruling Elders from Coriolis. Six and Diva are two diametrically opposed characters who don’t exactly take kindly to each other . . .

The Sellites genetically modify their children, ideally qualifying them for their future jobs. So Grace, the only unmodified teenager on Valhai, is also the only one who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. She has a sister-in-law who won’t leave her in peace and a newly-widowed mother who has taken to sleeping in a sarcophagus. Grace can’t think straight. She needs to escape from all the pressure. So she decides to break Sellite regulations and venture outside – onto the planet . . .

. . . starting off a chain of events that will involve Six and Diva and force the Sellite race to change forever.

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Terrific Series!!!!

(5 stars)

I love this series! It’s definitely ya but fun for all ages. It deals with sexism, classism, inequality and consciences. The quantum science is actually based in reality. These books have made me reevaluate the very nature of interstellar space travel and communication. The topics are serious but there is a lighthearted humor that runs throughout that keeps it from being depressing. The author does a great job reading. The quality of the recording isn’t top drawer but you can understand her and isn’t so bad as to be distracting. This is my 8th time through the series and I still love it!

Wonderful adventure!

(5 stars)

I am now on the last book in this series and it has been a wonderful adventure. Gillian Andrews is an excellent reader and makes you feel like part of her family with her introductions and sign offs at the beginning & end of each fantastic book in this series. Highly recommended!

Oh my!!

(5 stars)

Absolutely beautiful story. I loved the repartee between th two main characters. I felt good at the end. Anxious to keep reading but totally satisfied. The narrator was excellent. The diction was perfect and the voice was wonderful. The perfect amount of emotion and the characters were easily distinguished.

interesting story and great reader

(5 stars)

This is a relatively long story with some complex plot lines. I always listen to librivox when I go to sleep so I miss out on about half of the read every night but I will listen to the story two or three times and I'll eventually get the whole thing. I like the parts that I heard enough that I want to hear the whole thing again to get the rest of it. thank you for investing your time and effort.

(0 stars)

Thanks Martha for that very sensible comment. I live in Europe, and I do know that what is considered family friendly over here is not necessarily the same in other places. If there are more comments about this I will ask Evo if that tag can be taken off. Because ...

(0 stars)

Awesome book right from the start! Not many books hook you at chapter one. I'd give this 6 stars for writing if i could. I stayed up till 5 am last night listening because i was that enthralled. I have only 2 chapters left and am reluctant to finish because ...

(0 stars)

Excellent!! Very creative and original story, a lovely break from a lot of the cookie cutter plots i come across. What imagination! what a great mind and great writer. Terrific characters that i want to follow more of. Perfect narration. I believe nobody else could have done this justice other ...

(0 stars)

Good people in a bad situation saved by a morally right minded teenager. I recommend this story and the author. Gillian Andrews presents beautifully in a well recorded set of episodes that are just the right length. This book deserves the "Family Friendly" tag. My kids can hear/read it as ...