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Why would anyone try to kill a healer?

Deenah's quiet life as an apprentice healer in the remote village of Brae's Creek is shattered when a stranger gravely wounds her master and flees into the wild. For all her skills, Deenah is unable to identify the strange forces at work on the injury. To save her master's life, Deenah must join the young Warder for the area, and an aging veteran tracker, as they set out on a manhunt into hostile lands.

Healer was written by J. K. Swift and Performed by Brad Wills of Spellbound Audio.

About the author: J. K. Swift lives in a log house well off the beaten path in central B.C., Canada. He is the author of "The Forest Knights" novels (http://theforestknights.com), which are set in medieval Switzerland. He has worked as a school teacher, jailhouse guard, Japanese translator, log peeler, accountant, martial arts instructor, massage therapist, technical editor, and has called a few Bingo games. He gets his story ideas while traveling in Europe, feeding his chickens, and cutting wood. Please visit jkswift.com for more info.

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(0 stars)

Eh, Healer is okay. Fairly standard plot - beautiful young innocent swept into a quest she did desire - with fairly stock dialogue, especially her's. Quite short and smelled to me of a teaser to buy/read further works. I was not wowed enough to consider it.

Only the first couple of chapters of a story here!

(2 stars)

Only the first couple of chapters here, before, I assume, you have to download the rest of the book. Starts off okay, but nothing groundbreaking and I don’t think I will bother listening to the rest.

(3 stars)

Nice teaser, but if youre only going to offer three chapters, might as well be read by the author and might let the reader know it's just the prologue.

One word.: fabulous

(5 stars)

This is one of the greatest stories I have listened to in the last few years. I cannot wait to see how it will continue.


(5 stars)

Excellent short story ... I would of loved a longer story really long story ... I hope to hear more from this author on LibriVox ...


(4 stars)

Awww...it's just a tidbit of a story. A good story, a great beginning to a novel or series. I guess I will find the rest!

(0 stars)

Awesome reader love his voice I loved it. short but very good wish there were more like him out there I Want MORE PLEASE!!!!!!! Thank you

excellent short read!!

(5 stars)

This sounds like it will be a great book. Hope I can find the other volumes!