The Wishing Well

Read by Cheryl Adam

(4.6 stars; 135 reviews)

PENNY PARKER is a teen-aged sleuth and amateur reporter with an uncanny knack for uncovering and solving unusual, sometimes bizarre mysteries. The only daughter of widower Anthony Parker, publisher of the "Riverview Star," Penny has been raised to be self-sufficient, outspoken, innovative, and extraordinarily tenacious. Her cheerful, chatty manner belies a shrewd and keenly observant mind. Penny was the creation of Mildred A. Wirt, who was also the author of the original Nancy Drew series (under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene). Wirt became frustrated when she was pushed to "tone down" Nancy Drew and make her less independent and daring. With Penny Parker, Wirt had a freer hand and received full credit. Wirt once said, " 'I always thought Penny Parker was a better Nancy Drew than Nancy is." In THE WISHING WELL, the once-grand, now abandoned Marborough Estate and its legendary stone wishing well have become the center of odd happenings. The reclusive owner unexpectedly returns, only to lock herself secretively away in the mansion. Soon after, an ancient stone is unearthed on the estate, upon which is carved a 400-year-old message. Or is it a hoax? Who are the two strangers who repeatedly visit the wishing well in the dead of night? Penny boldly investigates, certain that danger threatens her new friend Rhoda, a gifted, but poverty-stricken artist. - Summary by Cheryl Adam (4 hr 41 min)


An Old House 11:57 Read by Cheryl Adam
By the Covered Well 15:39 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Chicken Dinner 7:38 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Record on Rock 16:10 Read by Cheryl Adam
Strangers from Texas 8:48 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Wish Fulfilled 10:18 Read by Cheryl Adam
Penny's Discovery 10:03 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Moving Light 10:11 Read by Cheryl Adam
Mysterious Prowlers 11:38 Read by Cheryl Adam
Beneath the Flagstones 8:54 Read by Cheryl Adam
Jay Franklin's Trickery 11:02 Read by Cheryl Adam
No Admittance 10:20 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Silken Ladder 12:00 Read by Cheryl Adam
Night Adventure 11:12 Read by Cheryl Adam
Old Bottles 9:54 Read by Cheryl Adam
Inside the Mansion 12:58 Read by Cheryl Adam
The Marborough Pearls 11:01 Read by Cheryl Adam
Signboard Indians 12:24 Read by Cheryl Adam
Publicity Plus 11:58 Read by Cheryl Adam
Rhoda's Problem 13:29 Read by Cheryl Adam
Mrs. Marborough's Loss 10:34 Read by Cheryl Adam
The Missing Necklace 13:58 Read by Cheryl Adam
Grand Ball 13:35 Read by Cheryl Adam
River Rising 9:17 Read by Cheryl Adam
Precious Cargo 6:40 Read by Cheryl Adam


(5 stars)

I loved it!! If you are a fan of Nancy Drew, this book is for you!!

Very entertaining

(5 stars)

Another entertaining tale featuring the intrepid Penny Parker. This one takes place during the school year but that doesn't much slow down her investigations. With some good twists and turns and unusual locations, we get a deeper glimpse into Penny's hometown. And another excellent job by this Librivox volunteer reader for bringing this story to life!!

I love it!

(5 stars)

This story is fantastic and the reader is amazing! It was exremely easy to understand,though english is not my native language. I highly recommend this story!

Brilliantly Read!

(5 stars)

Entertaining for all ages and just brilliantly read. Update: Just as good on the second listen.

I truly enjoyed the book The Reader was so good it was so fun I'

(5 stars)

fantastic :)

(5 stars)

really good story and the reader is excellent! !definitely recommend.

A wonderful Adventure

(5 stars)

Penny Parker has never failed yet to impress me. I have really enjoyed listening to this series for Penny always seems to stumble across the most particular misterys and everything always ends in the best way. This is a wonderful story in witch Penny helpes a orphaned school friend and an old lady in in poverty.

(5 stars)

This was a joy to listen to and thanks to Cheryl Adams for doing a great job in telling this story. That part where Penny was talking in the well and the echo effect was awesome and hilarious!! Please read more books aloud to us about Sleuth Penny!