The Art of Bookbinding

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This handbook explains the art of bookbinding and simultaneously reminds us what a complex technology is to make books! Zaehnsdorf, bookbinder and son of a bookbinder, made this second edition of his book to enlighten amateurs and tradesmen alike. The whole process of binding a book and the required equipment are carefully explained to the reader. (Summary by kathrinee) (6 hr 4 min)


Preface to the Second Edition and Introduction 13:05 Read by Amelia Chesley
Folding 10:25 Read by Maria Kasper
Beating and Rolling 6:22 Read by Maria Kasper
Collating 12:49 Read by Maria Kasper
Marking Up and Sawing In 6:58 Read by Melvin Lee
Sewing 16:34 Read by Melvin Lee
Forwarding and Pasting Up 8:43 Read by Melvin Lee
Putting on the End Papers and Trimming 11:58 Read by Availle
Glueing Up, Rounding, and Backing 10:02 Read by Availle
Mill-Boards 14:13 Read by Melvin Lee
Drawing-In and Pressing, and Cutting 15:31 Read by Melvin Lee
Colouring the Edges 21:01 Read by Maria Kasper
Gilt Edges 12:19 Read by Melvin Lee
Head-Banding 8:18 Read by Melvin Lee
Preparing for Covering 6:58 Read by Maria Kasper
Covering 14:07 Read by Maria Kasper
Pasting Down 7:31 Read by Melvin Lee
Calf Colouring 20:05 Read by Melvin Lee
Finishing, Part 1 17:26 Read by Maria Kasper
Finishing, Part 2 20:49 Read by Maria Kasper
Finishing, Part 3 22:44 Read by Maria Kasper
Finishing, Part 4 23:04 Read by Maria Kasper
Washing and Cleaning, Part 1 18:45 Read by Melvin Lee
Washing and Cleaning, Part 2 20:38 Read by Melvin Lee
Glossary 24:04 Read by Melvin Lee