7th Son: Book Three - Destruction (The Beta Version)

Read by J.C. Hutchins

(4.7 stars; 138 reviews)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is "The Beta Version" of this podiobook. 7th Son: Descent is now available as a print novel from St. Martin's Press. During the editorial process, significant changes and improvements were made to Descent's print manuscript. Character names were changed, and events at the end of the print novel were modified in ways that will impact the rest of the print trilogy. The print novel represents an official reboot of the 7th Son series.

Due to these changes, this "Beta Version" of Book Three: Destruction is no longer the "official" version of the podiobook. Please visit the 7th Son: Descent (The Print Edition) page to subscribe to the definitive beginning of the trilogy. You're welcome to continue the series with this version of Destruction, but note that you will encounter slight inconsistencies in character names and plot references.

As day four in the 7th Son adventure begins, John Alpha's quest for anarchy and genocide enters its final stage.

At every turn, the global terrorist has been triumphant. The world is reeling from a nuclear attack. An unprecedented energy crisis is upon us. Alpha himself has exclusive access to the White House, and secret weapons primed to propel his conspiracy into the endgame. The goal: planetary chaos.

Amidst this turmoil, the 7th Son's four surviving Beta Clones -- John, Father Thomas, Kilroy2.0 and Jack -- must defy their creators and hunt Alpha on their terms. Their mission: to stop the greatest assassination plot in history. The secrets John and his brothers discover will press them toward a final battle with their progenitor ... a battle in which the clones are outgunned, outnumbered and out of time.

Alliances will be made. Heroes will die. The end is nigh.

Destruction is the final novel in the J.C. Hutchins' 7th Son thriller trilogy.

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Fantastic, don't miss this one!!

(5 stars)

The series finale left me satisfied yet wanting more. The wrap up was perfection, not too short not too long. His character voices be they incredibly numerous were great. You felt a relationship to the characters & were mad at them at times or scared, concerned for them. The reading was great, my only complaint is how loud the music comes in, with ear buds it could be down right painful & startling each time. I'm going to look for the rest of his books for sure.

(0 stars)

My love for this trilogy is never-ending. I finished all three books recently and I had to give my regards to the author, the audio editor, and the music artists - this book and its sisters are the best thing I have read yet this year, and last year. The ...

(0 stars)

I ran out of good Audible books to listen to, and 7th Son was my first Podiobook. What an introduction! As a reader/listener, this story was nice and long, epic, engaging, great characters, and everything I could wish for in a book. As an aspiring novelist, I'm inspired by the ...

(0 stars)

The bad part first...........it ended.. The good part....I loved every single thrilling minute of this trilogy.. I have no peeves to pet....and I wouldn't change a thing (well..maybe minus a few untimely departures).. This is the kind of podiobook that really makes this site to be the real, genuine "best ...

(0 stars)

I'm a through and through Sigler fan, and you can compare Hutch to Sigler. They are no where near the same, but you can compare them and find some similarities. My favorite similarity is the use of the narrator. The narrator throughout the story matches in EVERY aspect to the ...

Good finale

(4.5 stars)

It's nice to see that J.C. has learned that the English language has more words than foul language. Made the story so much more interesting. Really an intriguing adventure and roller coaster ride of thrills. J. C. does have talent and his reading makes it even better

(0 stars)

JC, I have one request of you. DO NOT. DO NOT let some stupid director put his "artistic touch" on your story, when (not if!) they make this into a movie. Don't do it. Keep a TIGHT REIGN on those stinking rats. Don't let them muck it up.

(5 stars)

Very good listening, I enjoyed this past week and this trilogy very much! I listen every day while working and the past week went by far to fast! Thank you J. C. Hutchins! Heartfelt, amazing!