Read by S. Lawrence Parrish

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In a post-plague world where plants have suffered as much as animals, a colony of human survivors has gathered in a fortified former-luxury condominium complex they call “The Park”. These remnants of humanity are inextricably bound to their domestic cats, from which Dose (a temporary plague vaccine) is derived.

A forager army is rumored to be heading toward The Park. The Park people must prepare to defend themselves and all they have worked for, because they have made a discovery: not all cats are created equal; while regular Dose only staves off plague symptoms, the dose derived from Simon, The Park’s only Siamese cat, can be refined into SHAT, a super-dose that rejuvenates the growth of plant life. . . and which also may hold the secret to a permanent plague-cure. Problem: Simon is a neuter. If he should die, so, too, dies humanity’s one hope for survival.

Enter Sasha, a purebred female Balinese of breeding age that also produces SHAT. With the sky-rocketing tensions of increasing militarization, Sasha’s humans want to take their cat and leave The Park. But The Park people will use whatever means necessary to make them stay.

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I would never thought it possible to enjoy SHAT

(5 stars)

I started this book during a time when a close family member was dying of cancer and it really helped to ease my mind and give me something hard to think about that was very fresh in idea very well presented very well written with very funny parts very sad parts and true to life parts overall I think the writer did an excellent job and I want to thank them for helping ease my mind at a time when I didn't think anything could do that and especially but something very unique and idea that I don't think it's ever been put forth any genre that I know of thank you very much again. I do not know if there's something called a shat Army if not maybe they should be or if there is some shat bumper stickers saying something like you don't know shat with the author's name I would put one on my vehicle. Herman Manchester Tn.


(5 stars)

Absolutely awesome book,dark, funny violent a brilliant take on the genre this is my 4th time listening to it and i love it more every time yes it's twisted and definitely not for kid's but well worth your time if you enjoy this go check out mr Parish's other work you won't be disappointed 5 stars

(0 stars)

SHAT was a very cool read; an excellent choice for the first time I listened to an audiobook. One would have thought that there were no new ideas left for the post-apocalyptic genre—but Parrish managed to produce a new and very creative spin on the concept, making for an engaging ...

(0 stars)

I would highly recommend this to anyone who appreciates great fiction and insightful, articulate writing. Listening to SHAT, one is immersed in a well-developed, well-written world, which succeeds in being quite ugly in many places. Throughout, it is brought to life with visceral imagery and a multitude of subtexts and ...

Worth the time!

(5 stars)

Stayed up way too late last night to finish final chapter. Loved it to the end.

a Honest review

(5 stars)

I have listened to another book by this author. his style of writing is very explicit to express the storyline. the books are very well written. the characters are easily loved and hated. the cats are awesome and I hate cats . i must say i love this author's work it shows the dark side of humanity and the best of us as well. it is a must read for anyone who loves a fast book with action. the story is really good the author did his homework. psychology is awesome in the book I'm a qualified paramedic and the I get frustrated with authors who want to write about psychiatric issues and then write rubbish. but well done to this author's insight. I absolutely love this book.

Tourne-page chat histoire!

(4.5 stars)

Not since David Lynch brought us his theatrical adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel Dune, have we been able to enjoy the main purpose of cats: antidotes, vaccines and heroes! If sci-fi / fantasy cat stories are up your alley, then I recommend The Cats of Ulthar and The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, both by H.P. Lovecraft. SHAT opens up with a few rough characters, and you may feel like moving to a different storyn but stick with it and you will be well rewarded with an interesting and enjoyable tale. The story is wonderfully performed by the author and the accompanying sounds effects were a nice touch.

shat! cats save the world... only a cat lover could write this.

(5 stars)

that being said i loved this book! i still hate cats tho lol.. the book was awesome just like the others ive read from this author. the stories are full of the humor and twists and turns that appeal to us average joes and janes. please give us more! just like the cats i give a shit lol so more more more! thanks