The Children's Tabernacle; Or, Hand Work and Heart Work

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Bored with whittling, embroidery and other amusements, five children and their mother set out to build a model of the tabernacle. As the pillars are fashioned and the curtains sewn, the children learn the importance of types in the Old Testament. The showbread on the table in the Holy Place is a type of Christ being the bread of life; the offerings for leprosy were a type of cleansing from sin; the Holy of Holies was a type of God's presence, etc. One day, though, twelve-year-old Dora finds herself in trouble. Will the way be opened for her--from a mere tabernacle model to a new knowledge of forgiveness? - Summary by Bethesda Lily (3 hr 14 min)


Preface 2:00 Read by Bethesda Lily
I. Wanting Work 14:21 Read by Bethesda Lily
II. The Tabernacle 8:05 Read by Bethesda Lily
III. The Curtains 9:32 Read by Bethesda Lily
IV. Precious Things 8:03 Read by Bethesda Lily
V. Preparation 13:29 Read by Bethesda Lily
VI. Types 9:34 Read by Bethesda Lily
VII. Drawn Aside 10:20 Read by Bethesda Lily
VIII. Sacrifices 9:49 Read by Bethesda Lily
IX. Concealment 6:28 Read by Bethesda Lily
X. Dead Faith and Living Faith 11:40 Read by Bethesda Lily
XI. Leprosy 10:11 Read by Bethesda Lily
XII. Naaman 6:55 Read by KHand
XIII. The Twins 10:28 Read by KHand
XIV. Work 8:56 Read by KHand
XV. Different Motives 9:47 Read by KHand
XVI. The High Priest 9:27 Read by KHand
XVII. The Birthday Gifts 6:55 Read by KHand
XVIII. The Arrival 9:22 Read by KHand
XIX. Disappointment 7:05 Read by KHand
XX. Confession 6:34 Read by KHand
XXI. Conclusion 5:36 Read by KHand