Great Moments in History

Read by John G. Stockmyer

(4.6 stars; 11 reviews)

Great Moments in History is a collection of ten momentous events in World and American
history, covered by live, on-the-spot newscasters. These are "first-hand" dramatizations
enhanced by full-range, professional sound effects.

Experience real historic events as they happen:

- Charge with the Athenians at Marathon; die with the Spartan 300 at the tragedy of
Thermopylae; and thrill to the final Greek victory at Plataea.

- From the first heroic charge to the bizarre victory, you are at Hastings, reliving that most
famous of all battles. King Harold of England and William the Conqueror highlight this
succession dispute that can only be settled on the field of combat.

- King Phillip II, Sir Francis Drake, Queen Elizabeth - again they meet in the climactic struggle. Return to 1588 as Spanish ships sail out upon the ebb of empire!

This series was initially marketed to schools in the early 1970's, and distributed on albums and cassette tapes. Now, 35 years later, thanks to digital technology and, a new generation is able to enjoy these truly remarkable programs.

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Episode 1: Greek-Persian Wars Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 2: Assassination of Caesar Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 3: Death of Socrates Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 4: Battle of Hastings Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 5: Defeat of the Spanish Armada Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 6: King Philip's War Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 7: The Salem Witch Trials Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 8: Road to Revolution: 1775 Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 9: Yorktown: Victor and Vanquished Read by John G. Stockmyer
Episode 10: 1812: Jackson at New Orleans Read by John G. Stockmyer


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I just found your audiobook on and I love it. The idea of a radio news broadcast through history is very entertaining! However, I have one minor correction. Episodes 2 and 3 are reversed. The icons are correct but the descriptions and titles are swapped. Thanks for the great ...

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After listening to "Under the Stairs," (very good story-I'm waiting for the sequel) I was compelled to listen to this fictionalized account of some non-fiction events. It was completely entertaining. I really appreciated hearing the different perspectives and getting an in-depth look at some of the significant events in our ...

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Really enjoyed the Great Moments in History series - what a fantastic way to be introduced to the events and characters that shaped our societies. Road to revolution made me think about current conflicts in the middle east, and how history repeats itself in strange ways.

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I enjoyed this book very much. It is very interesting to have a different point of view for each event than you have in hostory books. It`s more personal. And you added fun to history. All in all i liked it very much.

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Although showing great promise this podcast is tecnically flawed with podcast 2 "The death of Socrates" REALLY BEING THE DEATH OF CEASOR. please rectify

This is the best!

(5 stars)

I wish I could find more like this. Educational and entertaining. I love it.