Doris and the Ankh

Read by Brian Holtz

(4.4 stars; 99 reviews)

A fantasy adventure for all ages.

Doris, a neurotic and quirky thirteen-year-old, is thrust into an alternate reality where flowers sneeze, fairies can't be trusted and a beast that isn't quite a wolf means to kill her. Racing against time, she'll learn that anything is possible, even the unlikeliest of things... And sometimes a big imagination is all you need.

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(5 stars)

this story is well written. being a huge fan of the oz books. this story brings you on a wonderful journey through grassy plains to high mountains and all the magic in-between. having an oversized ogre and a dead mouse along with a tempered teen as main characters who all learn a lesson in friendship and loyalty. also a great job by the reader who keeps you informed and interested with his dramatic reading capabilitys def is a story I would listen to again for sure thanks Ronnie s.


(5 stars)

Pleasantly surprised i put off listening to this book for a while as thought it would be more for children ive really enjoyed Brian's more adult work and one rainy day before work i thought what the hey got it downloaded and am really happy i did i enjoyed every minute it's a lovely,Magical adventure perfect for all ages very well written and read and well worth your time. 5star's

Her name should be spelled Dorice.

(4 stars)

A mixture of Dorothy and Alice without being quite like either. Good for tweens and early teens, maybe even a bedtime story for younger kids one episode at a time. No bad violence, sex or language (crap and poop) and I like it too. Don't know where the Santana album title comes into it.

(0 stars)

I got to enjoy an advance text copy of this story. Brian injects great humor into this imaginative fantasy story. The characters are fun and cuddly, but there's a corresponding darkness that keeps the story from being saccharine. This would make a wonderful movie in the style of Labyrinth. I'll ...

(0 stars)

Still working my way through, Brian. When you said Retorick Boil, I remembered a couple of mentions and worried I had missed him somehow and started over. I'm much farther into the story now and there's still not much mention, so the only problem was in my head. I hate ...

(0 stars)

Awww, that was a sweet ending. About Retorick Boil (good name, ick) I didn't pay too much attention to him, I was busy rooting for Doris.

(0 stars)

Thanks Gail. I'm glad you're listening. Let me know what you think when you get to the end. I'd love your thoughts on Retorick Boil!


(5 stars)

This a a gothic version of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz!! It's lovely and innocent!