Eleven Classic Short Stories

Read by Mike Bennett

(4.7 stars; 119 reviews)

A slim volume podcast collection of eleven classic short stories read by Mike Bennett. This podcast features six stories from Saki (H.H. Munro), including Gabriel-Ernest, The Open Window, and Sredni Vashtar. Also included are tales from H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and a rarely-heard gem from Mark Twain, The Cannibalism in the Cars.

These stories were originally recorded and presented on the Mike Bennett Sometimes podcast between 2008 and 2010.

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Gabriel-Ernest by Saki Read by Mike Bennett
Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft Read by Mike Bennett
The Penance by Saki Read by Mike Bennett
The Masque of The Red Death by Edgar Allan Poe Read by Mike Bennett
Sredni Vashtar by Saki Read by Mike Bennett
The Music of Erich Zann by H.P. Lovecraft Read by Mike Bennett
The Storyteller by Saki Read by Mike Bennett
The Cold Embrace, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon Read by Mike Bennett
Tobermory by Saki Read by Mike Bennett
The Cannibalism in The Cars by Mark Twain Read by Mike Bennett
The Open Window by Saki Read by Mike Bennett


Great stories

(5 stars)

A great collection of classic horror stories perfect listened to just before going to bed beautifully read by the one and only Mike Bennett Great Stuff well worth your time,if your a fan of good quality audio books do your self a favor and go check out Mike's other work you won't be disappointed 5stars

(0 stars)

Several years ago my grandmother introduced me to some of this short stories. The first I chose to hear: " The open window". It was a nostalgic, amusing, delightful experience. And so has happened with the others I've listened. Neatly performed, read from the heart of someone who enjoys literature ...

(0 stars)

More pleasurable than reading these great stories by these monuments of our literary heritage is having Mike Bennett read them for me! If you didn't know, Mr. Bennett is not only an accomplished narrator but a stellar writer in his own right. Really! If you haven't heard him performing his ...

(0 stars)

I am a huge, huge fan of Mike Bennett. He is one talented guy. His "One Among the Sleepless" here at Podiobooks is first-rate (dark humor/horror) and his own short fiction "Hall of Mirrors" collections are likewise excellent. Many, many good tales in those two Hall of Mirrors volumes. I ...

(0 stars)

Am up to date on underwood and flinch, listened to both hall of mirrors included "wet velvet" and am now on this. If I'm not mistaken, this collection and sometimes are pretty much the same but to make sure, I'm going to go to your web site (I visit both ...

(0 stars)

Really professional readings. Mike's version of H P Lovecraft's Music of Erich Zann (a story I already love) is perfect, and his readings of some Saki stories (which I'd never tried before) inspired me to go away and read the originals. The first one I listened to was the Open ...

(0 stars)

Mike Bennett has it all! A fantastic author, a talented narrator, a fab producer & a good vocal actor. Mike brings each story to life with his "one man band" of 'full cast' voices! He gently takes your hand at the beginning of each tale, then before you know it, ...

listen to this one!

(5 stars)

even if you have heard these stories you must give this a listen. Mike Bennett has given these stories new life with his incredible reading. too will then want to go listen to everything that he has recorded add i have .