Have We Been Played? The Hidden Game Revealed

Read by John Berling Hardy

(4.2 stars; 27 reviews)


It will NOT guarantee success – Life holds no promises!
It will NOT guarantee happiness – Ignorance is bliss!

There is a secret. It is not the one you have seen so well advertised in the media. It has little to do with positive thinking and really getting in touch with your true purpose in life.

Those people you read about in People magazine and see on television know it. Those people who enjoy the lives we would love to have – will never reveal this basic truth. It would be like a magician giving away their secret, and secret it is – the real secret! You won’t read or hear about this one… when you find out what it is, you will know why!

Life is too often a sucker’s game. Those who play by the rules, believe in fair play, and believe that what goes around comes around in life, are very often the greatest losers in life.

In every one of life’s arenas there is a “Hidden Game.” While the rank and file are all busy with trying to win the brass ring, there is a small group of insiders, the “Players,” who are coolly, cynically, pulling the strings.

These “Players” take the lion’s share of life’s rewards – the beautiful homes, the cars, the svelte spouses – leaving the rest of humanity to fight over the crumbs they leave behind.

Imagine, what it would be like to be able to recognize this pattern – know how it works, and predict what will happen next? It would be like having a crystal ball – always one step ahead of the game, knowing what is going to happen next!

You will have the confidence which comes from knowing that life is a Game – and you have THE EDGE!

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This book fits as an introduction to a "book 2" and "book 3" which are talked about in this book but are not available on on this web site or on the author's website. Ironically, this left me wondering what the author is playing at.

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Have We Been Played .... by listening to this? Interesting thougts, nice episods, no conclusions, no deeper findings which bring us forward ... I guess, the answer is "Yes". Good marketing trick. And thanks for wasting my time.

Uneven but strangely compelling listen

(3 stars)

Hard to classify this title: part reminiscences from the author's time doing business in Hungary (where he discovered the shady dealings that led him to awaken to the existence of the "players" as he calls them, who gain advantage over ordinary people by riding roughshod over rules and morals) and part pop psychology in a somewhat self-help style, the title promised more than it delivered. However, it was well read and recorded and I found myself wanting to listen on and agreeing with some of the author's reflections on the human predicament, even though I wished he'd drawn on deeper sources than his own fairly pedestrian sounding business experience in post communist Hungary.

(0.5 stars)

(Update: Most of the reviews that were here before have been removed.) No strategy for dealing with players makes this book seem like the reader is being played. No "book 2/3" exists. Played again. Ive found no reviews of this anywhere. As to the story, I question the campaign against the LA lawyer, and the execs at the meat packing plant. Perhaps these people simply out maneuvered the author in a high stakes slime ball festival?

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Well done and very thought provoking. Every word packs power and punch. The prose has strength and beauty despite the dark and sinister subject matter. The author presents his arguments with brilliance. He is authentic, articulate, and well spoken. I would love to buy the e-version of this book as ...

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Great book. And indeed i'm also trying to find book 3 at least. Google was not able to find it. Unfortunately i think the book is very much how our lifes are lived, (and i don't mean how we live our lifes ;)

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I don't know about the book, but Chris's comment certainly made me laugh!

Very good information, very good book read and study, thanks

(5 stars)

Good, very good