Heaven - Season Three: Earth

Read by Mur Lafferty

(4 stars; 146 reviews)

After gaining the rule of Heaven and Hell, with all the power that promised, Kate and Daniel should be set for eternity, right? Well, sure, as soon as they get used to their god-like powers. And then they need to remake the Earth. And there's the matter of the major and minor deities who are not pleased with their ascension. Even now, the afterlife still isn't easy.

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Part Three Read by Mur Lafferty
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There are only three things I do not like Mur. One your editing is terrible. When you mess up, you need to go back and edit that. In one of the tracks, you messed up and started laughing. That's not professional and it is part of your terms when you ...

(3 stars)

wots with all the music and talking??? Each chapter loses almost10 mins because of it. I just want to listen to Mur reading the story not the other stuff. It really ruins the story cos I have to fastward all the time. I would have given 5stars but only 3. Get rid of at least half & I'd give 5 cos the books & Mur reading it are worth it

(0 stars)

I am just starting Book 3. This series is a great way to pass the time at my tedious job. I like Mur's writing style. It's very energetic as if she were writing off the cuff, however her stories are also very structured, proving that she is instead taking her ...

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first of all i truly disagree with the previous comment. i love the fact that u can laugh at ur own mistake ot shows u r human. i love the stories and the characters. every podcast i have listened to on here has bamds that get promoted. who cares??? its ...

(0 stars)

Just wanted to say another awesome series! Finished keepsie aggges ago and decided to start this one while starting my dissertation. I for one love the editing:-) specially episode 6 of this one where you laugh at yourself:-) adds some character to it. Thanks for an awesome series! Adam

(0 stars)

Well... she's done it again. Everytime I think i have a handle on where the story is going, she manages to fox me by taking a turn off in a direction that i never saw coming. What can I say, I'm hooked... and now on to book 4

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These are pretty entertaining. I'm just starting Season III. The plot is really interesting, but at times the dialogue is distracting and kind of campy....especially if you count how many times both Daniel and Kate cry out "What the hell is going on?!!". Otherwise, it's quite enjoyable.

(0 stars)

the story is great, only thing that sucks is the bad reading of it. or the bad editing. I don't like the breaks in the middle of the sentence, or how they left the parts where she stumbled over her words in there. good series though! :)