Interview for a Wizard

Read by J.A. Areces

(4.3 stars; 459 reviews)

On Halloween night, the greatest vacation spot in the world is about to be scared to death. A dangerous and mad wizard has escaped from jail, and there is no one who can identify him. With only seven days left before Halloween, Jesse and wizard special agent Ch-U-Ch race to solve the mystery, but time is quickly running out.

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(0 stars)

Hi Mike A. Thank you so much for listening to IFAW and sharing your thoughts. I agree, the repeated name of the store is annoying, and something that I have to fix when I return to this story. Allow me to explain. When I wrote IFAW, I was competing in ...

good book!

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed this book. The story was good. I thought that Jesse's character was really down to earth and believable. He was very likable. So was the wizard's character. But why was Ch-U-Ch the only character with an odd name like that? No other character in the book had a name that was even close to similar. Also my only other issue with this was with the audiobook itself both the actual book. When songs or music came into play it was so loud it made the voices of the characters very hard to hear. Especially the few times when full songs were played. I listen to a lot of audiobooks and this is often a pet peeve of mine. Other than that I found that it was well produced and I really like the different actors and voices of each of the characters. Overall it was a really good book experience. I look forward to reading/listening to the next one!

Magical !!!

(5 stars)

Great audio book lovingly written and read. this is my 3rd time listening to this series and i love it more every time. yes there are comparisons to harry potter but in my eyes thats not a bad thing but dont let that mislead you the books stand very much on their own two feet. the characters are lovable and very well molded and the reader does a great job of distinguishing between the characters. i give a well deserved 5 star's and many thanks to the writer/reader for his hard work for crafting a Wonderful/Magical story.

not bad

(3 stars)

overall, a great story. a little predictable, and the repetition of the store name is annoying and distracting. fun to see a reasonable mix of modern world and magic in the same place. I wish there was a little more history given on some of the elements, but perhaps that will come in later books

(0 stars)

Story, pretty good Narration, pretty good. Pronunciation didn't bother me. Repeating the name of the stupid store made me want to pop my own eardrums with a rusty nail. A good edit would fix all of this and the next. A few too many mundane details all in a row. ...

(0 stars)

There's an old saying, never judge a book by its cover. When it comes to this book, I am guilty. I've seen this book pop up numerous times when I logged onto podiobooks. However, I didn't give the book a chance due to its cover. I thought it would be ...

A Potterish kind of fantasy

(2.5 stars)

I liked the idea of an interviewing process between folk and magical people, and how it defines the relationship between the two. That's probably how these things would really go if magic was real. I would have liked to see the idea explored even more. The other interview process (for the evil wizard position) was interesting too, though the idea wasn't developed fully. The bad guy society remained a bit too distant to my taste, but I suppose they will be more prominent in the sequels. The plot was pretty straightforward, easy to follow and a little exciting, but could've benefited from some kind of surprise element. The characters were interesting and they forced me to become involved with the story. The recording was quite well done. Some sound effects, but not too many, made the story more real. The music set a lovely magical atmosphere. I also liked the Harry Potter vibe I got from this (especially from the music, but some wording and story elements too), although sometimes it did go a little overboard.

interesting story

(4.5 stars)

I enjoyed this story. at first it seemed like it was just going to be another HP knock off, but it took a few interesting ideas - like the interview between jesse and the wizard, and the Secret society - that made it distinct from other magical stories. the reader - who is also the writer - has a delightful voice andbi enjoyed listening to him. the music is mostly well placed, but sometimes distracting. I look forward to listening to the other three books to find out what happens in this world created by j. a. areces. the dialog was believable and the descriptions of places and people were detailed enough to get a good picture in my mind, but not too long that I felt overwhelmed. there was a good balance of narrative, action, and dialog. very few places dragged. good listen.