Read by Jeremy Robinson

(4.5 stars; 534 reviews)

Two years after his wife's death, oceanographer and former navy SEAL, Atticus Young, attempts to reconcile with his rebellious daughter, Giona, by taking her on the scuba dive of a lifetime-swimming with a pod of peaceful humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine. But the beauty of the sea belies a terror from the deep-a horrific creature as immense as it is ancient. There is no blood, no scream, no fight. Giona is swallowed whole by the massive jaws. Only Atticus remains to suffer the shame of the survivor and his inconsolable grief turns to an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Drawn by the spectacle, Trevor Manfred, a ruthless billionaire, approaches Atticus with a proposition: Trevor will make available all the advanced technology of his heavily armed mega-yacht, the Titan, to aid Atticus in his death-quest. In return, Trevor is to receive the beast's corpse as the ultimate hunting trophy. But in the midst of the hunt, Atticus makes a terrifying discovery that changes the way he sees the ocean's creatures and begs the question: what is Kronos? The answer sets him on a new and much more deadly course.

Produced and narrated by Jeffrey Kafer


"Jeremy Robinson's latest is a Moby Dick meets James Bond thriller with an amazing twist, offering page-turning results."
-- Steve Alten, N.Y. Times best-selling author of MEG & The LOCH

"Jeremy Robinson peers into the deep. What lurks there is timeless, yet as old as the sea. The fear that dwells in men's hearts has a face and it has come to the surface."
-- Stel Pavlou, International Bestselling author of DECIPHER and GENE

"Jeremy Robinson is an ORIGINAL and EXCITING voice."
-- Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT

KRONOS takes a classic theme and turns it into a great page-turning novel that kept me up past the midnight hour. It's a great read blending myth and high tech, with well developed characters you care about.
-- Rob Kall, Editor-in-Chief,

"It's not often that you get a fresh perspective on a monster story. Jeremy Robinson fixes us a delicious tale in which he adds one part characters you want to care about, two parts dramatic but believable storytelling, and three parts imaginative adventure in a dish that can be served to adventure, romance, sci-fi and western fans alike.
-- Clint DeBoer, Editor-in-Chief,

"... powerful intrigue and wondrous imaginative talent, Jeremy Robinson takes a look at the power of the possible in KRONOS... Robinson does a fantastic job of tantalizing the reader throughout... he pulls on the intricate emotional strains of the story to foster a relationship with a magical possibility wrapped into intriguing situations... KRONOS is sure to set fire to the open imaginations of the world."
-- Metro Spirit

"Jeremy Robinson possesses a unique talent to take a creature of urban legend, intertwine it with natural history and weave an incredible story of faith, love and adventure."

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(5 stars)

I listened to Kronos in audiobook form and found it absolutely fascinating. What an imagination the author must have to create a story that is nothing like anything I've ever read or in the this case listened to. As one other reviewer posted ...even if you are just slightly curious about Kronos ...Read it, Listen to it ...Its a wild journey, one that i think you will enjoy.

Great story

(5 stars)

loved this book. in spite of the negative reviews this was not a holy roller book. it was a really original idea of science and biblical beliefs proving each other. besides it has way to much awesome violence and adult content to be a religious story... looking forward to finding more works by the author! awesome narration as well : )

Surprisingly good.

(5 stars)

I wasn't sure if I'd like this because the description sounded like it would be full of technical terms or super spy action. I'm glad I took the chance, this was so accessible and engaging ! If you even think you might be interested, go for it. The ending will surprise you.

(5 stars)

great modern spin with a Moby Dick type theme. kept me interested from beginning to end. thank you for writing this audiobook.

Wow! Truly amazing!

(5 stars)

I don't get why some people had a problem with the whole emphasis on God. I mean, why not? The author has a right to write his story as he pleases! Besides, it doesn't take away anything from the plot. It's okay if you don't believe in God, but that's like rejecting an entire story because it mentions climate change like every chapter or so, and you don't believe in climate change. You have the right to do that, but don't criticize others for implementing it into their story, that's not very fair. Good day, and please don't criticize my review for its views too ;)

Mainly for Males, But—-

(4 stars)

This story is full of action and flows well. Although I (70+yrs female) found it entertaining and well written, it is not the type of narrative that is normally sought by women. This is more the choice of men, but if you variety loving ladies will take a look I think you might find yourselves following it all the way through, ending with a satisfied sigh.

(3.5 stars)

Though I did enjoy the story, I did not like the heavy emphasis on God. I don't mind that as a mentioned possible reason for the "monster". In a sci-fi story though it should have been a secondary part and not used to make this into a modern story of Johanna and the whale. If it weren't for that it would have been a solid 4 or 4.5 stars.


(4 stars)

Entertaining.. but seriously? God described in a way, no science fiction should..especially christian concept of god..most unscientific concept tried to be cramped into scientific story.. Message to author..if u wish to put God concept within a science fiction.. there are much more elegant scientific concept of omnipotent being within lots of earthly religions other than christian concept..