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Susan Coolidge was the pen name of Sarah Chauncey Woolsey, who is best known for her What Katy Did series. This is the last of three volumes of her verse. - Summary by Rachel (2 hr 54 min)


Susan Coolidge 15:05 Read by Christine Lehman
Helen Keller 2:13 Read by Christine Lehman
''A Cloud of Witnesses'' 2:20 Read by Sonia
Cor Cordium 2:09 Read by Christine Lehman
Martha 2:34 Read by Christine Lehman
Caen 2:32 Read by Sonia
Temperaments 3:14 Read by Sonia
The Holy Name 2:11 Read by Christine Lehman
''I Am the Way'' 2:00 Read by Christine Lehman
Her Heart was like a Generous Fire 2:09 Read by Christine Lehman
The Legend of the Almost Saved 3:24 Read by Sonia
Two Angels 2:25 Read by Sonia
Limitation 1:57 Read by Christine Lehman
The Miracle of Friendship 1:31 Read by Sonia
Rose Terry Cooke 2:43 Read by Christine Lehman
Into the Deep 2:26 Read by Christine Lehman
Through the Cloud 2:36 Read by Christine Lehman
Nearer Home 1:20 Read by Sonia
Rooted 1:21 Read by Sonia
The Buried Statue 3:40 Read by Ryan Finch
Far and Near 2:25 Read by Matthew Datcher
Greece 1:09 Read by Matthew Datcher
If Youth Could Know 1:40 Read by Sonia
The Soul's Climate 1:59 Read by Matthew Datcher
The Better Prayer 1:32 Read by Matthew Datcher
Supply 1:53 Read by Matthew Datcher
A Thought 1:16 Read by Sonia
Holger Danske 4:36 Read by Ryan Finch
Vassos 1:05 Read by Sonia
Mutiny 1:51 Read by Sonia
Unforgotten 2:14 Read by Sonia
Denial 1:43 Read by Matthew Datcher
Astoria by Twilight 2:05 Read by Sonia
The Price of Freya 2:18 Read by Sonia
A Summer Song 2:22 Read by Matthew Datcher
An Evening Primrose 2:08 Read by Sonia
A Rose in a Glass 1:35 Read by Sonia
Snowbound 2:13 Read by Christine Lehman
Sheltered 1:32 Read by Christine Lehman
The Old Pine 3:12 Read by Christine Lehman
In the Forefront 2:55 Read by Christine Lehman
Interrupted 2:51 Read by Diana Schmidt
Saint Christopher 2:03 Read by Matthew Datcher
Conquerer 2:54 Read by Matthew Datcher
The Year and the Century 2:50 Read by Matthew Datcher
A. V. C. 1:22 Read by Matthew Datcher
''The Land that is Very Far Off'' 2:00 Read by Matthew Datcher
The Heavenly Airs 1:26 Read by Sonia
In the Fog 1:44 Read by Sonia
The Porch of Life 1:54 Read by Matthew Datcher
The Lighthouse 1:35 Read by George Tau
Once and Forever 1:26 Read by Matthew Datcher
Lights 2:04 Read by Matthew Datcher
On the Lawn 1:38 Read by Sonia
If Only 2:28 Read by Matthew Datcher
Prelude 1:48 Read by Sonia
Whom no Man Hath Hired 2:12 Read by Twinkle
On Easter Even 1:33 Read by Twinkle
Palm Sunday 1:50 Read by Matthew Datcher
The Paschal Feast 2:13 Read by Matthew Datcher
A New Year Prayer 2:00 Read by Twinkle
How Shall I Pray 1:51 Read by Twinkle
Good-night 2:07 Read by Matthew Datcher
A Spring Parable 1:46 Read by Matthew Datcher
''Thy Righteousness is like the Strong Mountains'' 1:49 Read by Matthew Datcher
Living or Dead 1:58 Read by Sonia
A Morning Song 1:32 Read by Christine Lehman
The Stone of the Sepulchre 2:17 Read by Christine Lehman
Too Little and too Much 1:52 Read by Christine Lehman
The Messenger with the Bow-string 2:33 Read by Sonia
Released 1:27 Read by Twinkle
A Paradise Song 1:35 Read by Twinkle
Little by Little 1:57 Read by Sonia
Two Years 1:37 Read by Sonia
Tempered 2:35 Read by Ryan Finch
Virginia 1:38 Read by Christine Lehman
Lift up Your Hearts 2:21 Read by Christine Lehman