Collapse at Hidden Verse Three Three Two

Read by Brian Holtz

(4.6 stars; 240 reviews)

The Multiverse Generator is failing. Dimensions threaten to collapse and entire populations will cease to exist unless it is reset. One being from each of more than five thousand verses has been acquired, and their DNA verified. Only one remains. His name is Timothy Rayburn and he is a resident of Earth. The Consolidation of Organized Systems has sent a ship to retrieve him.

Timothy is a teenager failing speech class due to a paralyzing fear of public speaking. He soon learns that his problems are quite small compared to the impending collapse of all existence. He must overcome his fear if he is to survive not only the dangers of space travel and multiversal war, but himself.

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a wild ride

(5 stars)

this story was a very Wild ride that kept me on the edge oh my seat. I also give props and a ton of kudos to you Brian Holtz for your writing and the little hidden lessons herein. I also want to thank you Brian Holtz for this story and more so the ending as it brought me out of a rather nasty funk. I feel like my fire has been reignited with passion and creativity thank you so much for this work of art as well as the characters.

(0 stars)

Great example of how to have a very original and fun space/millitary/adventure SciFi. My complements to the narrator. Narraration can really make or break a audiobook even if it has a good story. It wasnt monotone at all and I was alway able to tell which character I was listening ...

(0 stars)

Thanks to all who have written such nice reviews for this podcast novel! You guys are much appreciated. Part II will hit next summer, as I am neck-deep in my next book, set for a release hopefully, late this summer. I hope you will all check it out. Thanks so ...

(0 stars)

I am completely hooked! It's a rare these days to find an Author with interesting and fresh ideas--I started with Doris and the Ankh, and was immediately sucked in... I normally only listen to stories in the car as I have a lot of driving to do – the way ...

one of the best, thank you so much

(5 stars)

great listening right here. hope you will enjoy this as much as I did. made me think. great nostalgia level for me. reminded me of a last star fighter but better in its own way. I loved the characters. thanks again Tim Paugh

Instant 5

(4.5 stars)

The first 1 minute had me laughing out loud with appreciation over the reader doing a chipmunk voice over the alien midget which is awesome. I also love sci-fi so this is a desperately needed addition to the Librivox collection which is seriously lacking in newer stories.

(0 stars)

Lots of action: battles, strategy, tactics, torpedoes, grenades, guns, spaceships and aliens. If you like your mental images to sparkle with explosions then this is for you! An excellent story.

enjoy the ride

(4 stars)

this was a very enjoyable book the characters were very well developed the story was a lot of fun I highly recommend this