The Innerglow Effect

Read by Craig Robertson

(4.3 stars; 14 reviews)

Drug companies continue to come out with powerful new medicines. Some produce wondrous responses while others have unforeseen side effects. A new antidepressant, rushed through FDA approval, may be causing its users to see themselves die, while at the same time allowing them to live to tell the tale. Join Paul, a physician, and Pablo, a priest, as they work together to make sense of the bizarre reports they are receiving. The two try to understand not only what the Innerglow Effect is, but what it means. If what they are hearing is to be believed, the enormous implications will change the lives of every man, woman, and child. Reincarnation and virtual immortality are just a beginnings of the implications they have to sort though. Read how they try and help those seeking consolation while dealing themselves with the terrible burden they would have to bare if an afterlife was a certainty. How would you react? Could you handle the Innerglow Effect? Find out by reading this riveting story of imagination and hope, written by this rising star of American fiction.

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Super interesting story! I was so impressed with the quality of Craig's writing and the depth of the ideas he explored here. The Innerglow Effect has a thought-provoking subject matter with humorous, appealing characters. Thanks, Craig, for sharing it with us!

Applauding in Borneo

(4 stars)

My first non scifi book in over 3 years...testimony of my desire to follow-up Graig Robertson's first book. Craig certainly has a penchant for explanation...and I like his quest for understanding no matter how theoretical. I for one also appreciate the merging of spirituality and certainly adds another dimension to the various planes created by a scifi narrative and also to the character development of the people we meet in Craig's novels. Innerglow has well defined characters and a thought provoking storyline. Craig's narration is also quite good.

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The characters are well-rounded and very believable. I was particularly impressed by the description of the lot of an ER doctor and interactions with patients and family members. The story is interesting. Although I'm often put off by religious themes in stories, I didn't mind the religious theme given it ...

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Why thank you most kindly Genevere! I am rather proud of the medical characters, and will probably have to do a purely medical novel one of these days. I had some concern about how to bring the religious aspect in as I definitely did not want to come off 'preachy' ...

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Thank you Chris for your comments. I toyed with making the drug company more aggressive and intimidating, actually wrote some distance along that line, but in the end settled for Boom Boom. She was more a temptation than an force of nature, to help delineate Paul's character. I'm only as ...

(4 stars)

this book is definitely worth the listen. I would have liked a little bit more examples of the spiritual side effects of a drug but I'm nitpicking. A very well written book with good character development. I'm looking forward to many more books by the author.

(0 stars)

This was a fun listen. I really like Medical thrillers but I wish we could have seen a more sinister drug company. The seductive drug company representative was interesting but never really went anywhere unfortunately.

robert in Alabama

(1 stars)

Just because it free doesnt make it good. The reader's annoying character voices ruined the nap the author gives u with un-needed medical trivia.