The Camp of the Dog

Read by Charlie Blakemore

(4.3 stars; 58 reviews)

A party of campers on a deserted Baltic island is terrorized by a huge wolf... or is it? (2 hr 52 min)


Part 1 34:22 Read by Charlie Blakemore
Part 2 21:30 Read by Charlie Blakemore
Part 3 38:14 Read by Charlie Blakemore
Part 4 13:54 Read by Charlie Blakemore
Part 5 1:04:33 Read by Charlie Blakemore


Spooky wilderness tale

(3.5 stars)

Very well read. An atmospheric tale of remote wilderness and the metaphysical doings of men's souls. The climax comes as no surprise at all, which is a little disappointing.

(5 stars)

Great story thick with atmosphere. The narration was excellent in maintaining the mood.

(5 stars)

I love Blackwell novels bevause they are unpredictable while being filled with suspence.

skip it

(0.5 stars)

Found this book under "horror" genre. It tries to be paranormal and Jungian at the same time and sometimes that might work, but the mix in this story makes the plot totally predictable and dissects what could be a salvageable paranormal romance story into something emotionally devoid and scientific. Also, maybe it would have been better received in the period it was written, but by today's standards, the female roles are submissive to the point that the story seems sexist, and also the author racially slurs Native Americans. Only redeeming quality of this book is that maybe it could be used as a case study in paranormal psychology.

wolf on an island, unexpected horror

(4.5 stars)

The setting of the mood on the island is very well done, with unexpected turns and results. This tale was well read. Thank you for the reading!

Really Good

(4 stars)

This my first Blackwood, he paints a vivid picture of nature. Good story also.