Half-Hours with the Idiot

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Mr Idiot returns with his opinions on a number of diverse topics, including women, taxation, and international diplomacy. As always, the Idiot's silly soliloquies are packed with equal parts ridiculous fallacy and sly wit. Which is your favourite? (Kim) (2 hr 10 min)


As To Ambassadors' Residences 16:59 Read by Jeff Moon
As To The Fair Sex 17:58 Read by Kathleen Moore
He Goes Christmas Shopping 17:51 Read by realisticspeakers
As To The Income Tax 16:30 Read by realisticspeakers
A Psychic Venture 13:13 Read by Jeff Moon
On Medical Conservation 16:24 Read by Kathleen Moore
The U. S. Telephonic Aid Society 16:33 Read by Kathleen Moore
For Tired Business Men 14:56 Read by Jeff Moon


Half-Hours with the Idiot

(4.5 stars)

Fun, fun - good group of readers - Most enjoyable :) - Many thanks!