Rainbow Valley (version 2)

Read by Karen Savage

(4.8 stars; 1130 reviews)

The story moves from Anne and Gilbert to their six children, and their new neighbours, the children of the new Presbyterian minister. - Summary by Karen Savage

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Please note that this book is a reflection of its time. As such, it includes language that we now consider inappropriate. (7 hr 25 min)


Home Again 8:06 Read by Karen Savage
Sheer Gossip 18:53 Read by Karen Savage
The Ingleside Children 13:17 Read by Karen Savage
The Manse Children 17:38 Read by Karen Savage
The Advent of Mary Vanse 22:10 Read by Karen Savage
Mary Stays at the Manse 8:53 Read by Karen Savage
A Fishy Episode 13:08 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Cornelia Intervenes 12:59 Read by Karen Savage
Una Intervenes 17:48 Read by Karen Savage
The Manse Girls Clean House 12:09 Read by Karen Savage
A Dreadful Discovery 7:20 Read by Karen Savage
An Explanation and a Dare 14:23 Read by Karen Savage
The House on the Hill 17:44 Read by Karen Savage
Mrs. Alec Davis Makes a Call 17:03 Read by Karen Savage
More Gossip 13:54 Read by Karen Savage
Tit for Tat 21:29 Read by Karen Savage
A Double Victory 17:45 Read by Karen Savage
Mary Brings Evil Tidings 8:44 Read by Karen Savage
Poor Adam! 7:41 Read by Karen Savage
Faith Makes a Friend 9:46 Read by Karen Savage
The Impossible Word 18:36 Read by Karen Savage
St. George Knows All About It 10:24 Read by Karen Savage
The Good-Conduct Club 19:12 Read by Karen Savage
A Charitable Impulse 13:08 Read by Karen Savage
Another Scandal and Another "Explanation" 13:18 Read by Karen Savage
Miss Cornelia Gets a New Point of View 12:40 Read by Karen Savage
A Sacred Concert 7:15 Read by Karen Savage
A Fast Day 7:51 Read by Karen Savage
A Weird Tale 6:48 Read by Karen Savage
The Ghost on the Dyke 8:46 Read by Karen Savage
Carl Does Penance 9:01 Read by Karen Savage
Two Stubborn People 10:52 Read by Karen Savage
Carl Is--not--whipped 9:56 Read by Karen Savage
Una Visits the Hill 10:44 Read by Karen Savage
"Let the Piper Come" 6:02 Read by Karen Savage


Wonderful book!

(5 stars)

Apart from loving this book and series, when Karen Savage reads it, she livens and brightens the whole thing up even more! She is one of our favorites readers!

Thank you Karen Savage

(5 stars)

In the past months I listened to all the previous books in the series, read by Karen Savage. From the first book you can hear how her reading and the quality of her recording improved (at the very beginning she was reading a liiittle too fast, but it was still perfect to impersonate little Anne, and you could hear some noises or other light disturbances). Now I can easily say her reading has become perfect. And funny when it needs to be. Never monotonous. She changes her voice according to who's speaking, you can tell exactly who's talking just by her voice. She's that good! Seriously, I haven't enjoyed an audiobook series so much since listening to Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry (and you do have to spend a nice lot of money for that). So thank you, thank you, thank you dear Karen Savage, for all the hours of your time you donated to let us all enjoy this masterpiece in the best possibile way. I really hope you can read this, to know how much all your hard work was appreciated! Elisa

Reminiscent of Anne's childhood adventures

(5 stars)

This book seems most similar to Anne of Green Gables in its fun innocent adventures and more lively than the books that have focused on Anne as an adult. Very well read by Karen Savage.

An alpha reading of beta narrative material.

(4 stars)

Excellent reading by Ms Savage. Not the strongest book in the series, feeling rather predictable and formulaic, but relatively inoffensive, and even charming in places. I can't fault the reading though. Engaging and passionate without ever becoming cloying or descending into schmultz.

Excellent reading, good book

(5 stars)

Lucy Maud Montgomery has written a series of really good books. Her characters are varied, interesting, and well-developed. She recognizes and affirms the innate differences between boys and girls, men and women. I appreciate her affirmation of the goodness of love between a man and woman and it’s expression in traditional marriage. Karen Savage’s reading of these books is superb. She does and differentiates the voices well. She is a joy to listen to.

Amazing reader, great book

(4.5 stars)

This book is obviously read amazingly by Karen Savage (many thanks) but I was disappointed because there is not much of Anne as I wished. This book is still amazing and I love it😍😜

(4 stars)

Read so beautifully. I enjoyed this story very much , it takes me away to a different place and time. It has moved on from the Anne of green gables stories and it focuses on Anne and Gilbert's children and the characters that live in Rainbow Valley, but I still miss Anne and her innocent childhood days with her bosom friend diana. Thank you reader for bringing the characters to life. . Jackie of Ashford, Kent, UK

(5 stars)

Yet another epic story told with just the right amount of flair and flavour Karen Savage is known for. Thanks once again. I am so glad I found this narrator! She really transports you into the world of the clharacters, especially the little Marjorie and Blithe children and their families. I feel as though I am friends with Joseph now too ☺️