Hall of Mirrors - The Collected Stories

Read by Mike Bennett

(4.7 stars; 286 reviews)

From award-winning author, Mike Bennett, comes Hall of Mirrors: Tales of Horror and the Grotesque. Here you will find stories of Hell and damnation, ghosts, madness, murder, vampires, bizarre hair restoration disasters, and ... pigeons, among other things.
Hall of Mirrors is a collection of modern gothic tales with a nail of dark humour hammered through its heart; horrible, grotesque and hilarious. So roll up, ladies and gentlemen, and enter the Hall of Mirrors - if you dare.

A modern master of horror, dark comedy, and creepy psychological thrillers. I won't compare him to anyone else because quite frankly, in my humble opinion, he's head and shoulders above them all.
Daniel Shaurette. Out of the Coffin Podcast.

Hall of Mirrors - The Collected Stories, is a combination of the two previously available Podiobooks podcasts, Hall of Mirrors Volumes One and Two.

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Salvation Read by Mike Bennett
The Grave Read by Mike Bennett
Trolls Read by Mike Bennett
The Green Man Read by Mike Bennett
Wet Velvet Read by Mike Bennett
A Lovely Pair of Browns Read by Mike Bennett
Hair and Skin - Part One Read by Mike Bennett
Hair and Skin - Part Two Read by Mike Bennett
Dessert Read by Mike Bennett
Poacher's Cottage Read by Mike Bennett
Give Me a Hundred Read by Mike Bennett
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The Haslet Technique Read by Mike Bennett
Night Crossing Read by Mike Bennett


Mike Bennett is as good as it gets

(5 stars)

The more Mike Bennett novels I listen to, well more accurately, the more I listen to other authors, it becomes so clear just how good he is at telling a story. Other authors may have great stories, like Mike, however they fall well short in their ability to deliver them and describe a scene or simply tell their story as well as he does. Mike is in a league of very few authors with his ability to draw the listeners in, like they were there watching it with their own eyes. Mike is a brilliant author and deserves to be supported, you wont be dissapointed.

Fracking Awesome!!!

(5 stars)

I'm not done yet, so this review will have edits. these stories are flipping fantastic! 'The Green Man ' begins hilariously (I know someone who speaks to their dog that same way), but slowly becomes terrifying. *never goes camping again* I mentioned I would be adding to this review..and I LOVE the line in The Exterminators "You'll kill it! The world's only living breakfast cereal and you're going to kill it...." Greatest line I've heard in a long time that's not in a Stephen King book. Awesome. 😃

(0 stars)

These Podcasts were how I discovered Mr. Bennett. Trolls is still troubling me years later.Night Crossing was the start of an amazing adventure that continues today.Check out Underwood and Flinch if you haven't! The whole volume is a great listen, every story will keep you enthralled. I'm not a writer, ...


(5 stars)

awesome helps distract me and amuses me on long road trips also find the author puts a lot of effort into giving the characters an actual voice so to speak much better then some other people on this app or different stories thanks!

Great stories!

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed the stories. He is very good at character voices so it sounds like completely different people which is easier to follow along. He has such a vivid imagination like Stephen King.

(0 stars)

Like Horror? Like Humour? Like Professional Voice Acting? Download these now! Mike is the master of all the above, you will not find a more talented author/narrator on all the internets. Go on, do it... NOW!


(5 stars)

I'm impressed. the reading is more like voice acting. the stories are captivating. very fun to listen to and I like it a lot. Thank . especially luv Salvation. powerful story

(5 stars)

Awesome collection of creepy stories wonderfully written and read by the great Mike Bennett if you haven't already listened to or read his other work i guarantee you won't be disappointed.