But, I Don't Think

Read by Phil Chenevert

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The title is obscure and a bit unsettling I admit; what could it possible mean? Randall Garrett wrote a story here that had me blissfully going in the wrong direction until he quietly yanked the rug from under my feet and made me fume a bit with irritation and amazement. I loved it and hated it because it did not end the way I wanted it to but the way it obviously should. The society and culture in the galaxy he has presupposed is as fascinating as the story itself and I can only hope he expanded on it in other books somewhere. The publisher quotes another story by R. Phillip Dachboden to indicate what he meant "As every thinking man knows, every slave always yearns for the freedom his master denies him...
But, gentlemen," said the Physician, "I really don't think we can consider any religion which has human sacrifice as an integral part as a humane religion." "At least," added the Painter with a chuckle, "not as far as the victim is concerned." The Philosopher looked irritated. "Bosh! What if the victim likes it that way?" (1 hr 22 min)


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The other side of Randall Garrett?

(4 stars)

I agree with reader Phil Chenevert's assessment of this unusual story. Its image of a galatic empire and the story's conclusion made me uncomfortable, but they also made me think. Which I assume was the author's intent. At the very least "But, I Don't Think" would have been an excellent starting point for a full-scale novel. Phil's reading, as always, is flawless.

But I Don"t Think

(5 stars)

Great read. Fun twisting story with a droll sense of humour, and a very intriguing look at society as could be,maybe... Interesting and much enjoyed. Thanks!

Cover me!

(5 stars)

Are you kidding me? Just read the description. I'm going in. Cover me!....OK, your turn. It's safe, Phil is in there.

Odd little story

(4 stars)

Phil did a great job of reading. Story had a typical class attitude of social systems.

An entertaining short sci-fi story.

(3.5 stars)

Fun short with one of the best readers at LibriVox.

nailed it

(4.5 stars)

end of story ... Sigh ... yep. that sounds about right.

(4 stars)

not the ending i was hoping for. but was great

but I don't think.. ok reading

(4 stars)