Drugging a Nation

Read by Edmund Bloxam

(4.3 stars; 22 reviews)

Drugging a Nation is a journalistic reveal of the extent to which the British Empire was culpable in the dissemination and subsequent near total addiction to opium of the Chinese people in the nineteenth century. So weak did it make China, that is was invaded multiple times, often by the British Empire itself looking to make its treaty ports stronger, but by other world powers too. In the end, this resulted in the complete collapse of the empire. The book describes in detail the extent to which opium had taken over the lives of the ordinary Chinese person and how it worked. (Summary by the author) (4 hr 5 min)


Chapter 1: China's Predicament 13:18 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 2: The Golden Opium Days 40:49 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 3: A Glimpse into an Opium Province 20:46 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 4: China's Sincerity 37:18 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 5: Sowing the Wind in China-Shanghai 33:46 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 6: Sowing the Wind in China-Tientsin and Hong Kong 28:12 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 7: How British Chickens Came Home to Roost 27:22 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Chapter 8: The Position of Great Britain 31:09 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Appendices 13:12 Read by Edmund Bloxam


(5 stars)

tremendous narration. other comments mention audio quality but it is perfectly servicible text itself is fascinating and moves briskly. obviously it is somewhat dated (published 1908), at a one point skates within earshot of phrenology, but these pseudoscientific detours do not significantly detract from the greater theme of unwavering contempt for the appalling evil of the British empire. 5 / 5 Pax Sinae


(5 stars)

Wonderful book. Very informative. I love the narrator, too. Thank you for sharing, and thanks Librivox. Just great to listen while doing other tasks.


(5 stars)

None of this was taught in history class! Very eye opening, both the history of addiction and why Chinese today mistrust Westerners.

A really good book but serious technical recording issues

(4 stars)

First < 4 stars ever given

(3 stars)

... and it's not the book. The book I'd give a 4/4.5, the reader would be good as well. But please re record this using better equipment.