Ghosts And Family Legends; A Volume For Christmas

Read by David Wales

(4.1 stars; 29 reviews)

Fifteen ghost stories to hear around the Yule log. "It happened that I spent the last winter in a large country mansion, in the north of England, where we had a succession of visitors, and all manner of amusements—... In short, we began to tell ghost stories; and although some of the party professed an utter disbelief in apparitions, they proved to be as fertile as the believers in their contributions—relating something that had happened to themselves or their friends, as having undoubtedly occurred, or to all appearance, occurred—only, with the reservation, that it must certainly have been a dream. The substance of these conversations fills the following pages, and I have told the stories as nearly as possible in the words of the original narrators." ( Author's Preface and david wales) (6 hr 46 min)


True Ghost Tales; Not Christmassy

(4 stars)

These are not Christmas tales. Rather, they are tales (allegedly) told around a Christmas fire, which would be an ideal way to listen to them. The tales don't necessarily have a beginning, middle and end, being sometimes fleeting glimpses of the supernatural.

(0.5 stars)

This has to be a computer-generated text-to-speech program. The readings are mechanical and stilted, often with the emphasis on the wrong word (s). Unlistenable.

good listen

(4 stars)

good short and quite long stories, able readers. thanks

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(3.5 stars)

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