Rough Justice

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(4.3 stars; 88 reviews)

Who murdered Lisa Rainer? Is it her former lover who went to seek fortune in Africa and fell in love with another on the way back? Were there any blood motives? Detective John Thorne would have to discover. Inspired by a true story, this novel is a page turner. Yet this is not only a detective novel. It deals with class, gender, propriety and family. - Summary by Stav Nisser (10 hr 31 min)


'How Should I Greet Thee?' 28:37 Read by Marina
A Fellow-Feeling 29:49 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Alone in London 33:04 Read by Leena Emsley
Some One Who Loved Him 39:12 Read by Leena Emsley
At Number Thirteen, Dynevor Street 30:49 Read by Leena Emsley
John Faunce's Experiences. No. 29 1:00:47 Read by Leena Emsley
At Bow Street 27:22 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
A Death-Blow 25:24 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Mr. Faunce's Record 41:25 Read by Leena Emsley
Chums 23:43 Read by Leena Emsley
Other Lives 10:37 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Nineteenth-Century Crusaders 26:52 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Mr. Faunce's Report Continued 16:38 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
The Boyhood of Oliver Greswold 25:26 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Mr. Faunce Continues 30:35 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
Waiting on Fortune 7:19 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
For the Happiness of the Greatest Number 29:01 Read by Jim Locke
What He Meant To Do 23:36 Read by Jim Locke
The American Remembers 32:07 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
The Man Behind the Mask 40:36 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
A New Development 16:29 Read by Mary Herndon Bell
The Enemy and Avenger 32:21 Read by Mary Herndon Bell



(5 stars)

This book was quite unlike any other I have “read.” Part social commentary, part love story, and part moral play. Can evil men do good? Why do good men do evil? What does one individual owe society? What cost truth? Ah! Questions ever debated!

Very good read

(5 stars)

Interesting, rather a lot of characters to keep track of but they all have their place in the story. The narrators did an excellent job except for chapters 17 and 18, this reader sounds like a child learning to read, no expression, no emotion. I love that this writer always finishes her books well so I have no questions about what happened to any of the characters

(5 stars)

A surprisingly good read! I started not too enthusiastically but was pleasantly surprised because, I think, of the rich character development. I don't want to say more and spoil the ending. Most readers were very good, though I could do without Mr. Lock: I've heard him in other works and find that his pitch and cadence are just too strange.

(5 stars)

Holy Crap! I was so into this book that I actually looked up the murder it was based on to see who did it. Unsolved of course. You can tell the writer was a devotee of Wilkie Collins. I even had to listen to the last chapter twice just to absorb the full effect.

Characters a plenty

(3 stars)

she introduced too many characters too late to almost make the storyline incomprehensible. it was a struggle to finish listening... I'm not sure it would have been more enjoyable if I had actually read it or not... Even though I enjoyed all the readers who sounded very clear explanation point

(5 stars)

Wow great story and my 2nd Braddon book ; well worth the time to listen to; check it lady audleys secret

(2.5 stars)

I agree with okiekid, I restarted book so many times and still couldn't keep up, but thank you readers!

(2 stars)

Long book. I feel sorry for Lisa. Arnold just used her and loves somebody else. Man forget fast