Chinese Diamonds for the King of Kings

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In this small book Rosalind Goforth tells many stories of 'diamonds' in China that have been tested and come out pure in the King of Kings' hand for His service. Sketch 9 speaks of the awful facts of the "heathen" (non-Christians) that Rosalind Goforth had witnessed. Although she speaks of these as being confined to merely non-Christian persons, many of these evils are characteristics of people in countries generally classified as "Christian". Please be advised that this fact may cause this chapter to be offensive to some. (Summary by Adele de Pignerolles) (3 hr 10 min)


Foreword and Introduction 5:09 Read by pattymarie
Sketch I--As Silver is Refined 19:43 Read by Ross Klatte
Sketch II--Characters From One Village 13:18 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Sketch III--The Man Who Proved God 10:10 Read by TriciaG
Sketch IV--Opening a New Station 15:14 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Sketch V--Testing God 7:00 Read by Jael Baldwin
Sketch VI--A Christian General 11:30 Read by E.Lee
Sketch VII--A Chinese Nobleman 8:14 Read by E.Lee
Sketch VIII--Mr. Doong 13:30 Read by pattymarie
Sketch IX--Heathenism As I Have Known It 17:32 Read by Lynne T
Sketch X--The Blind Famine Refugee 6:46 Read by Rachel
Sketch XI--Links in a Living Chain 7:37 Read by Bethesda Lily
Sketch XII--Our First Woman Convert-A Mere Memory 5:18 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Sketch XIII--Two 'Rice' Christians 15:07 Read by Rob Marland
Sketch XIV--Daybreak in One Home 34:26 Read by TriciaG


very good

(5 stars)

great little stories. and well read. thank you.