Uncanny Tales

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(4.2 stars; 59 reviews)

This is collection of uncanny stories complied and curated by Cyril Arthur Pearson. The stories are fine ghost and horror stories, with all the ingredients to make it work: night, ghosts, unexplained deaths, and locked rooms. Summary by Carolin (3 hr 15 min)


The Unknown Quantity 18:33 Read by Lian Pang
The Armless Man 23:38 Read by swalkerl
The Tomtom Clue 16:19 Read by Julia Mikheeva
The Case of Sir Alister Moeran 32:05 Read by Julia Mikheeva
The Kiss 19:46 Read by Teela Tomchick
The Goth 20:41 Read by rraem
The Last Ascent 18:50 Read by Steve C
The Terror By Night 24:09 Read by CoMo290
The Tragedy at the "Loup Noir" 21:40 Read by Angela Ohlfest


(4.5 stars)

I didn't find a problem with the readers, in fact they were quite good. May I suggest going back to the beginning and replay where necessary. You will likely learn to understand accents of other people around the world, which will improve communication! Call it continuing education.

hmmmm. agree with at least 2 reviewers..

(5 stars)

the sound quality is questionable at times, but that make the Readers' work worthy of bad-mouthing. I found that all the Readers did quite well: few mispronunciations, if any & great pacing.. no hurried Readings. And as far as "accents" go, this is a big & small world.. get accustomed to it. I believe these are opportunities to connect us.. obviously, many of us have a deep love & respect for fictional tales.. this is the one place in the world where we can feel & think & learn.


(5 stars)

While it's true some of the recording equipment wasn't top notch almost all of the readers were excellant and the stories were all very good and nicely creepy. Might I suggest that the preceding, most exceedingly discerning commenters try a paid audio book services to achieve the stellar experience they need? Or a hearing aid perhaps?


(2 stars)

Cant understand a thing being read.

Animals Barking on recording? Not acceptable 😬

(1 stars)