The Terrible Business of Salmon & Dusk

Read by Myke Bartlett

(4.3 stars; 13 reviews)

Theo Braithwaite, failed actress and worse waitress, is a stranger to London. In a single day, she loses her job, her boyfriend and quite possibly her mind. When she meets part-time thief Kilbey Salmon, Theo finds herself drawn into an unseen world populated by history’s rejects and runaways. Kilbey, alongside the rockabilly-obsessed Nero Dusk, is attempting to eke out a living stealing things that have already been stolen and finding people who don't want to be found.

Kilbey and Nero's capers will drag Theo through the forgotten parts and people of London. She will be hunted by ancient sects, carnivorous shadows, cannibalistic butchers and off-duty policemen. Along the way she'll meet the Eternal Footmen, blow up Hammersmith Bridge, reach the end of history and quite possibly disappear completely.

If Theo is to survive, she'll need to get her life sorted before all of our futures catch up with her.

Part film noir detective story, part fantasy adventure, part East End gangster tale, The Terrible Business of Salmon & Dusk reveals what happens when life takes you off the edge of every map.

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very cool audio book. i enjoyed it thoroughly.

(5 stars)

(0 stars)

I love it. It seems to be carrying on torrid affairs with both Douglas Adams's Dirk Gently and Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere," and that is a wonderful thing. I was absolutely hooked by "She was wearing a life with someone else's name on the tag, itching at her neck." The writing ...

(0 stars)

What a full on wonderful book! Three cheers and kudos for Myke's powerful, imaginative, fantastically original story. There is nothing off-the-shelf here, nothing but a new and enthralling take on the everyday here-and-now, but with such twists! Amid and amongst us is a dark and dysfunctional society, which can see ...

(0 stars)

Just finished chapter 1 and I just wanted to stop by and leave this comment....I am hooked. It has the makings of a great detective novel. I cannot wait to get started on Chapter two. I noticed this is a series. Thank Goodness. You just found yourself yet another fan. ...

(0 stars)

My preference for fast paced crime thrillers led me to overlook this novel when I first came across Podiobooks, but I am delighted I found Myke's unique work here. I have just listened to the first 3 episodes in quick succession and am blown away by his brilliant storytelling, imaginative ...

(0 stars)

the story is long but its impossible to be bored as he always conjures up an unexpected and interesting twist. the reading was excellent. not since Shantaram has a reading voice been so captivating. and the incidental music was well chosen and extremely well integrated. now for electricity

(0 stars)

Truly great writing and voice acting! I find myself forgetting that it is just one person doing the voices. Love the noir world you've created that's so full of whimsy and adventure, wish I could live there... I guess I can while the episodes last!

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Hi I am listening to this book at present. A lot of writers can write an exiting novel, but very few have such a superb command of English. I love the English, Chaim