Can You Forgive Her?

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.1 stars; 100 reviews)

“Can You Forgive Her?” is the first in a series of six Trollope novels dealing broadly with 19th Century English political scene. It introduces the reader to Plantagenet and Glencora Palliser, as they court, marry, and as Plantagenet sets out on his political career, which is carried on in the foreground or background throughout the series. Each novel has a focus on other particular characters, as well. In this one, it is the dilemma of Alice Vavasor, who is a young woman choosing between two suitors: one who has all the best qualities, but who prefers a retiring private life, and another, whose qualities are doubtful, but who is ambitious for public office. There is also a comic subplot involving a widowed aunt, who also must choose between two suitors: Mr. Cheeseacre, a dull but stable farmer, and Capt. Bellfield, a charming but somewhat erratic retired military man. (Summary by Karen Merline)

This is the first of Trollope’s six “Palliser” novels. LibriVox recordings of other novels in the series are available:
1-Can You Forgive Her?
2-Phineas Finn, the Irish Member
3-The Eustace Diamonds
4-Phineas Redux
5-The Prime Minister
6 The Duke’s Children (32 hr 16 min)


Mr Vavasor and His Daughter 21:04 Read by Laura Koskinen
Lady Macleod 31:42 Read by Laura Koskinen
John Grey, the Worthy Man 21:28 Read by Christine Blachford
George Vavasor, the Wild Man 23:24 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Balcony at Basle 27:02 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Bridge over the Rhine 25:25 Read by Laura Koskinen
Aunt Greenow 20:54 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
Mr Cheesacre 20:40 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
The Rivals 25:16 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
Nethercoats 18:11 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
John Grey Goes to London 26:48 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Mr George Vavasor at Home 18:27 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Mr Grimes Gets His Odd Money 16:12 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Alice Vavasor Becomes Troubled 31:13 Read by rachelellen
Paramount Crescent 22:20 Read by rachelellen
The Roebury Club 17:28 Read by rachelellen
Edgehill 27:11 Read by Christine Blachford
Alice Vavasor's Great Relations 28:47 Read by Laura Koskinen
Tribute from Oileymead 19:35 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Which Shall It Be? 20:30 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Alice Is Taught to Grow Upwards, Towards the Light 12:12 Read by Christine Blachford
Dandy and Flirt 33:48 Read by Laura Koskinen
Dinner at Matching Priory 25:55 Read by Laura Koskinen
Three Politicians 27:29 Read by Maire Rhode
In Which Much of the History of the Pallisers Is Told 30:20 Read by Laura Koskinen
Lady Midlothian 28:29 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Priory Ruins 21:30 Read by Laura Koskinen
Alice Leaves the Priory 27:29 Read by Laura Koskinen
Burgo Fitzgerald 23:37 Read by Jason Mayoff
Containing a Love Letter 15:16 Read by Jason Mayoff
Among the Fells 27:11 Read by Jason Mayoff
Containing an Answer to the Love Letter 14:33 Read by Christine Blachford
Monkshade 22:33 Read by Laura Koskinen
Mr Vavasor Speaks to His Daughter 24:05 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Passion versus Prudence 23:26 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
John Grey Goes a Second Time to London 24:37 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Mr Tombe's Advice 15:56 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
The Inn at Shap 26:11 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Mr Cheesacre's Hospitality 16:29 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Mrs Greenow's Little Dinner in the Close 28:35 Read by Sage Tyrtle
A Noble Lord Dies 20:37 Read by Maire Rhode
Parliament Meets 20:52 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Mrs Marsham 38:19 Read by Maire Rhode
The Election for the Chelsea Districts 21:24 Read by Maire Rhode
George Vavasor Takes His Seat 22:31 Read by Maire Rhode
A Love Gift 28:46 Read by Maire Rhode
Mr Cheesacre's Disappointment 28:54 Read by Giles Baker
Preparations for Lady Monk's Party 16:45 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
How Lady Glencora Went to Lady Monk's Party 28:17 Read by Laura Koskinen
How Lady Glencora Came Back from Lady Monk's Party 31:38 Read by Laura Koskinen
Bold Speculations on Murder 14:49 Read by J. M. Smallheer
What Occurred in Suffolk Street, Pall Mall 25:28 Read by Vincent Tapia
The Last Will of the Old Squire 24:51 Read by Maire Rhode
Showing How Alice Was Punished 23:08 Read by Belinda Brown
The Will 22:05 Read by Belinda Brown
Another Walk on the Fells 24:26 Read by Maire Rhode
Showing How Wild Beast Got Back from the Mountains 20:58 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
The Pallisers at Breakfast 29:56 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Duke of St Bungay in Search of a Minister 27:10 Read by Mil Nicholson
Alice Vavasor's Name Gets into the Money Market 21:00 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
The Bills Are Made All Right 15:56 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Going Abroad 28:10 Read by Laura Koskinen
Mr John Grey in Queen Anne Street 19:31 Read by Yazpistachio
The Rocks and Valleys 21:20 Read by Christine Blachford
The First Kiss 20:20 Read by Vincent Tapia
Lady Monk's Plan 24:35 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Last Kiss 33:17 Read by Laura Koskinen
From London to Baden 27:52 Read by Laura Koskinen
From Baden to Lucerne 26:40 Read by Mil Nicholson
At Lucerne 26:45 Read by Mil Nicholson
Showing How George Vavasor Received a Visit 30:44 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
Showing How George Vavasor Paid a Visit 24:14 Read by Lucy Burgoyne (1950 - 2014)
In Which Come Tidings of Great Moment to All Pallisers 28:38 Read by Laura Koskinen
Showing What Happened in the Churchyard 23:20 Read by Raju Venkateswaran
Rouge et Noir 30:05 Read by Katherine Holt
The Landlord's Bill 23:33 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Travellers Return Home 22:23 Read by Raju Venkateswaran
Mr Cheesacre's Fate 36:27 Read by Mil Nicholson
Diamonds Are Diamonds 29:58 Read by Laura Koskinen
The Story Is Finished Within the Halls of the Duke of Omnium 17:10 Read by Laura Koskinen


(5 stars)

I loved this story! I'm a big fan of Trollope - I've listened to almost every book. This one is my favorite so far. His books are almost formulary - there is a love union that you really want to happen but there are so many things to overcome... but this one had the right degree of tension for me. I knew John Grey would overcome!


(4.5 stars)

Trollope knows how to build a story with interesting characters. Alice makes one want to shake some sense into her head, and Mr. Grey and Mr. Palliser are good supporting personages. But, you have to absolutely love Lady Glencora, especially when her part is read by Laura Koskinen. Laura, your voice and inflections are superlative. Thanks for your time.

Excellent book, so-so readers.

(2.5 stars)

the book itself is excellent! The readers are a mixed bag. A few are excellent, several mediocre, and one is almost unintelligible. I understand this is a volunteer organization, but I wish there was some curating of the readers.

(5 stars)

I enjoyed this book. It has some humorous parts and I especially enjoyed those. I recommend this book even though it is quit long.

thanks great fun. looking forward to the next book

(5 stars)

(3 stars)

It was a good book and most of the narrators were good. The problem I have is the length, I felt it had too many subplots. For instance, mr. cheeseacre aunt greenow I felt was an unnecessary part of the story. And what in the world did both Alice and Kate see in George. He was a horrible person with no redeemable qualities. And then attempt to give all your money to him. Wow what a way to waste the independence Alice had. Glencoe and her husband was an interesting subplot but again she is pining over a good for nothing man vergo fritzgerald who at least was good looking but gad nothing else going for him over all. Mr. Pallid er was so clueless on how to make his wife happy but he did put an effort in. Yea for John Grey he was awesome throughout but man did he have to go through a lot. overall a good book but unnecessarily long.

(5 stars)

I appreciate the volunteer readers who clearly invest so much in these readings. I only wish that they would do enough research to ascertain the correct pronunciations of the names of people and places, not only to present them all correctly, but to prevent the distracting and annoying inconsistency among readers and from chapter to chapter.

Trolloppe is all over the place

(4 stars)

I love Anthony Trollope's works, however he does tend to overlap too many stories. The main story lines in the book are great, the minor storylines distracting and irritating. Most of the volunteers are decent readers, some impossible to understand or annoying in the staccato.