Amores: Poems

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Amores is one of D. H. Lawrence's earliest works of poetry, published in 1916, was a precursor to his delving in free verse in later collections. The poems in this collection are characterized by haunting and dark themes, sensuousness and his controversial dealing with sexual topics. (Anusha Iyer) (1 hr 40 min)


Tease 1:48 Read by NoelBadrian
The Wild Common 2:42 Read by Tomas Peter
Study 1:41 Read by Tomas Peter
Discord in Childhood 0:51 Read by Sonia
Virgin Youth 1:28 Read by Anusha Iyer
Monologue of a Mother 3:18 Read by Anusha Iyer
In a Boat 1:26 Read by Anusha Iyer
Week-night Service 1:51 Read by Sonia
Irony 1:20 Read by Anusha Iyer
Dreams Old 1:55 Read by Sonia
Dreams Nascent 3:08 Read by Sonia
A Winter's Tale 0:59 Read by iloveyu
Epilogue 1:10 Read by Anusha Iyer
A Baby Running Barefoot 1:07 Read by Anusha Iyer
Discipline 3:09 Read by Tomas Peter
Scent of Irises 2:37 Read by Tomas Peter
The Prophet 0:39 Read by Anusha Iyer
Last Words to Miriam 1:39 Read by iloveyu
Mystery 1:14 Read by Sonia
Patience 0:48 Read by Anusha Iyer
Ballad of Another Ophelia 2:11 Read by Sonia
Restlessness 3:16 Read by Anusha Iyer
A Baby Asleep After Pain 1:05 Read by Anusha Iyer
Anxiety 0:48 Read by Sonia
The Punisher 1:34 Read by Anusha Iyer
The End 1:03 Read by Sonia
The Bride 1:05 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Virgin Mother 1:40 Read by Sonia
At the Window 1:00 Read by Sonia
Drunk 3:06 Read by Tomas Peter
Sorrow 0:47 Read by Tomas Peter
Dolor of Autumn 1:27 Read by Tomas Peter
The Inheritance 1:37 Read by Sonia
Silence 0:57 Read by Sonia
Listening 1:18 Read by Anusha Iyer
Brooding Grief 0:44 Read by Anusha Iyer
Lotus Hurt by the Cold 1:21 Read by Anusha Iyer
Malade 1:29 Read by Tomas Peter
Liaison 1:31 Read by Sonia
Troth with the Dead 1:26 Read by Anusha Iyer
Dissolute 0:47 Read by iloveyu
Submergence 0:54 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Enkindled Spring 1:17 Read by Anusha Iyer
Reproach 1:11 Read by iloveyu
The Hands of the Betrothed 3:29 Read by NoelBadrian
Excursion 1:55 Read by iloveyu
Perfidy 1:38 Read by Sonia
A Spiritual Woman 1:15 Read by iloveyu
Mating 3:12 Read by NoelBadrian
A Love Song 1:25 Read by Sonia
Brother and Sister 2:10 Read by Sonia
After Many Days 1:16 Read by Anusha Iyer
Blue 3:19 Read by Sonia
Snap-Dragon 5:44 Read by Tomas Peter
A Passing Bell 1:30 Read by Tomas Peter
In Trouble and Shame 0:46 Read by iloveyu
Elegy 0:57 Read by iloveyu
Grey Evening 1:26 Read by Sonia
Firelight and Nightfall 1:05 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Mystic Blue 1:23 Read by Tomas Peter