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This is the third volume of poetry written by Kentucky poet Cale Young Rice, published in 1900. The volume contains several poems written during his journey to Asia, in different cities in Japan, as well as religious reflections and songs. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 56 min)


With Omar 10:36 Read by Subhash Chander
Jael 4:14 Read by Subhash Chander
To the Sea 3:26 Read by Jude
The Day-Moon 1:36 Read by Subhash Chander
A Sea-Ghost 1:18 Read by Subhash Chander
On the Moor 1:26 Read by Julia Niedermaier
The Cry of Eve 3:39 Read by Subhash Chander
Mary at Nazareth 1:54 Read by bdanzige
Adelil 1:39 Read by Sonia
Intimation 0:50 Read by Christina Gardner
In July 2:12 Read by Larry Wilson
From Above 0:44 Read by Julia Niedermaier
By the Indus 1:14 Read by Anusha Iyer
Evocation 1:33 Read by Larry Wilson
The Child God Gave 1:31 Read by bdanzige
The Winds 1:55 Read by Sonia
Transcended 0:43 Read by iloveyu
Love's Way to Childhood 1:13 Read by bdanzige
Autumn 0:57 Read by Ian King
Shinto 1:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Maya 1:25 Read by Anusha Iyer
A Japanese Mother 1:56 Read by Jude
The Dead Gods 3:53 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Outcast 2:11 Read by Jude
Call to Your Mate, Bob-White 1:22 Read by Ian King
The Dying Poet 2:40 Read by Sonia
April 1:11 Read by Jude
August Guests 0:46 Read by Larry Wilson
To a Dove 2:04 Read by Sonia
At Tintern Abbey 1:40 Read by Sonia
Oh, Go Not Out 1:34 Read by Sonia
Human Love 0:38 Read by iloveyu
Ashore 1:35 Read by Sonia
The Victory 0:53 Read by Sonia
At Winter's End 0:57 Read by Sonia
Mother-Love 1:18 Read by Sonia
To a Singing Warbler 1:05 Read by Sonia
Songs to A. H. R. 5:29 Read by Sonia
The Atoner 0:59 Read by Sonia
To the Spring Wind 1:07 Read by Jude
The Ramble 1:39 Read by Sonia
Return 2:20 Read by Jude
Lisette 1:33 Read by Anusha Iyer
From One Blind 1:14 Read by Sonia
In a Cemetery 2:47 Read by Ian King
Waking 1:05 Read by Ian King
Storm-Ebb 1:07 Read by Ian King
Lingering 1:00 Read by Sonia
Faun-Call 1:06 Read by Sonia
The Lighthouseman 1:32 Read by Larry Wilson
Serenity 1:10 Read by Sonia
Wanton June 1:21 Read by Ian King
Spirit of Rain 0:58 Read by Larry Wilson
Autumn at the Bridge 0:53 Read by Ian King
Tearless 1:07 Read by iloveyu
Sunset-Lovers 1:40 Read by Subhash Chander
The Empty Cross 1:48 Read by Larry Wilson
Unburthened 1:09 Read by Subhash Chander
Song 0:38 Read by Subhash Chander
To Her Who Shall Come 2:29 Read by Subhash Chander
Storm-Twilight 0:56 Read by Subhash Chander
Slaves 1:09 Read by Subhash Chander
Avowal to the Nightingale 1:30 Read by Subhash Chander
Wildness 0:40 Read by Larry Wilson
Before Autumn 1:35 Read by Ian King
Fulfilment 1:28 Read by Subhash Chander
Last Sight of Land 1:04 Read by Subhash Chander
Silence 0:26 Read by iloveyu