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Citizenship, Religious Rights and State Identity in Arab Constitutions: Who Is F… 22:22 Read by Nathan Brown
Capitalism v. Democracy: Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution 21:35 Read by John W Adams and Denis Galligan
Persepolis: Introductory talk by Kaveh Moussavi, Iranian human rights lawyer 22:58 Read by Kaveh Moussavi
Patent Policy in Genomics and Human Genetics: Epistemic Communities, Courts and … 25:31 Read by Ingrid Schneider
Successful Constitutions - The Break-Up of Nations: The Constitutional Dimension… 35:12 Read by Denis Galligan
Constitution Making - The Break-Up of Nations: The Constitutional Dimensions Usi… 23:47 Read by Bogdan Iancu
Constitutional Instability : The Case of Central and Eastern Europe - The Break-… 41:06 Read by Daniel Smilov
The New Regulatory Space: Reframing Democratic Governance 40:53 Read by Frank Vibert
We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks 19:38 Read by Jonathan Bright
Social Media: A Critical Introduction 18:18 Read by Christian Fuchs
Killing by Drones: The Legal and Public Policy Dimensions 53:28 Read by Rory O Millson
Could Scotland Join the European Union? 53:37 Read by Graham Avery, Michael Keating and Sionaidh Douglas-Scott
Where next for ombudsmen schemes? 14:44 Read by Lewis Shand Smith
Ombudsman Service - Consumer Engagement 15:34 Read by Caroline Wayman
Early Resolution in Ombudsmen schemes 12:23 Read by Adam Sampson
Reassessing the Civil Law Tradition: the Changing Role of the Judge Annual Lectu… 55:49 Read by Carlo Guarnieri
Social Media and the Culture of Connectivity 53:55 Read by José van Dijck
Book Colloquium: Popular Representations of Development: Insights from Novels, F… 1:34:35 Read by David Lewis, Catherine Jenkins, Tim Markham, Amir Paz-Fuchs and Martin Wynne
(In)formal Economies, Economies of Favour: The End of Transition? 1:07:57 Read by John Round and Nicolette Makovicky
Democratic Deficits and Gender Quotas: The Evolution of the Proposed EU Directiv… 47:37 Read by Julie Suk
Gender Quotas for Corporate Boards -The diffusion of a distinct national policy … 26:02 Read by Mari Teigen
The Critical Mass Marker Approach to Gender Quotas 33:27 Read by Jude Browne
Shakespeare and the Lower Register of Constitutional Thought 1:22:35 Read by Denis Galligan
Can We Save Countries from Economic Crises? Some lessons from IMF and EU experie… 50:11 Read by Max Watson, Denis Galligan and David Vines
The New Global Rulers: The Privatization of Regulation in the World Economy 57:19 Read by Denis Galligan, Bettina Lange, Amir Paz-Fuchs, Frank Vibert and Max Watson
Machiavelli's The Prince-500 Years On 50:21 Read by Paolo Carta and Dennis Galligan
How do Institutions Change? The Prospects for Law and Justice Priorities in the … 59:36 Read by Michael Woolcock, Masooda Bano and Samuel Clark
Populism in Modern Constitutions 24:03 Read by Richard Parker
National models, achieving full coverage, sources of funding, building business … 44:01 Read by Christopher Hodges
First Annual Conference on Consumer ADR: Jacqueline Minor 44:02 Read by Jacqueline Minor
Sharia-guided family laws in Bangladesh: The Impact of the Constitution 12:44 Read by Tahrat Naushaba Shahid
Annual Lecture in Law and Society: Law and Social Illusion 1:03:33 Read by Liam B Murphy
Al-Azhar and Interpretation of Sharia in the New Egyptian Constitution 9:10 Read by Masooda Bano
Implementing "Sharia" in Syria's liberated areas 20:45 Read by Thomas Pierret
Pro-Women Legal Reform in Morocco: Is Religion an Obstacle? 29:10 Read by Imane Chaara
Comparing Sharia with the Modern Constitutions 22:24 Read by Siraj Khan
Sharia law and Muslim legal mythology 42:02 Read by Robert Gleave
Media Law after Leveson: Newsgathering, data protection and source protection 17:46 Read by David Erdos
Media Law after Leveson: Closing Remarks 19:51 Read by Gillian Phillips
Media Law after Leveson: Public Interest 49:04 Read by Sir Stephen Sedley, Rachael Craufurd Smith, Gavin Phillipson and Andrew Scott
Media Law after Leveson: The Sanctity of Press Partisanship 15:52 Read by Paul Wragg
Media Law after Leveson: Newsgathering, journalistic sources, and criminal inves… 15:10 Read by Damian Carney
Media Law after Leveson: Regulating the Press 45:46 Read by Damian Tambini, Tom Gibbons, Lara Fielden and Eric Barendt
Media Law after Leveson: Opening Remarks 26:58 Read by Denis Galligan and Hugh Tomlinson
Economic Rights and Regulatory Regimes: Is there still a 'right' to water? Round… 1:04:36 Read by Ronan Palmer, Paul Hammett, Bill Howard, Bettina Lange and Mark Shepheard
Economic Rights and Regulatory Regimes: Is there still a 'right' to water? Panel… 55:55 Read by Donald McGillvray, Bill Howard and Sarah Hendry
Economic Rights and Regulatory Regimes: Is there still a 'right' to water? Panel… 47:42 Read by Alice Piure and Jon Stern
Economic Rights and Regulatory Regimes: Is there still a 'right' to water? Panel… 58:28 Read by Karen Morrow, Mark Shepheard and Bettina Lange
New Questions in Regulation: Regulatory Capture Revisited 1:23:46 Read by Max Watson, Chris Decker, Robert Baldwin, Karen Yeung, Frank Vibert, Bettina Lange, Kira Matus, Alain Jeunemaitre and Thomas O'Riordan
New Questions in Regulation - Panel Discussion 50:42 Read by Max Watson, Chris Decker, Robert Baldwin, Karen Yeung, Frank Vibert, Bettina Lange, Kira Matus, Alain Jeunemaitre and Thomas O'Riordan
Are Courts Representative Bodies - a Canadian Perspective 13:29 Read by Robert J Sharpe
Are Courts Representative Bodies? 22:01 Read by Jed Rakoff
The Place of Britain in a Future Europe 56:20 Read by Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator and the Financial Times
Redirecting Fleet Street 5: Constitutionalising Media Power 21:15 Read by Damian Tambini
Redirecting Fleet Street 4: What Should Press Regulation Regulate? 23:47 Read by Onora O'Neill
Redirecting Fleet Street: 3: Tweets, Beaks and Hacks: Regulation and the Law in … 10:09 Read by Mark Stephens
Redirecting Fleet Street: 2: Press Regulation: Taking Account of Media Convergen… 17:23 Read by Lara Fielden
Redirecting Fleet Street 1: The Failure of UK Press Accountability Systems 21:51 Read by Martin Moore
Redirecting Fleet Street: Introduction 2:34 Read by Denis Galligan
Constitutional Borrowing and other Hazards: The Islamic Republic and Transformat… 1:00:00 Read by Miriam Kunkler
2012 Annual Lecture in Law and Society: The Strange History of the American Fede… 58:55 Read by Pauline Maier and Denis Galligan
Europe on the Brink? Constitutional Issues 17:31 Read by Paul Craig
Europe on the Brink? Economic Issues 15:37 Read by Max Watson
Europe on the Brink? Political Issues 18:15 Read by Graham Avery
Europe on the Brink? Introduction and Historical Issues 27:58 Read by Anne Deighton, Christina Redfield, Denis Galligan and John W Adams
Abbe Sieyes, Guttenberg, and Habermas: Constitutional Revolutions in Egypt and t… 43:45 Read by Nathan Brown, Denis Galligan and Mila Vorsteeg
Will Constitutional Theocracy bloom after the Arab Spring? 42:52 Read by Clark Lombardi and William B Quandt
The Middle East Revolution: take 2, Constitutionalism 27:44 Read by Chibli Mallat and Tom Ginsburg
Keynote Speech 19:08 Read by Terry Davis
The International 'Responsibility to Protect' and the 'Responsibility to Rebuild… 20:43 Read by Richard Caplan
From Conditionality to Disconnection-The Ambivalent Relationship between the Cou… 14:42 Read by Valsamis Mitsilegas
Hard Law, Soft Law and the Politics of Standards: Regulating Political Parties i… 16:18 Read by Daniel Smilov
The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: From Standar… 17:34 Read by Rainer Hoffmann
The Council of Europe and the death penalty: intergovernmental legitimation as e… 18:26 Read by Kundai Sithole
Sixty Years of Normative Production in the Council of Europe: The Legal Nature, … 18:45 Read by Manuel Lezertua
Explaining the Momentum behind the Council of Europe's Norm Entrepreneurship 17:20 Read by Gwendolyn Sasse
War, Law and the Cold War: Making the European Convention on Human Rights 13:37 Read by Anne Deighton
Where do norms come from? 12:22 Read by Jennifer Jackson-Preece
Norm Entrepreneurship - Theoretical and Methodological Challenges 17:28 Read by Jeffrey Checkel
The Indirect Origins of the Judicial Constitution: 2011 Annual Lecture in Law an… 56:27 Read by Denis Galligan
The Role of Courts in a Democracy: Debate 1:41:22 Read by Charles Clarke, Lord Justice Jacob, Richard Bellamy, Philip Sales, Tony Wright, Daniel Kelemen and Joshua Rozenburg
The History of Modern Constitutionalism 41:28 Read by Horst Dipple
Politicizing Law, Judicializing Politics: A Realist Approach to Comparative Cons… 52:11 Read by Ran Hirschl
FLJS part 6: Laws in times of peace and war 2:39 Read by Aharon Barak and Afua Hirsch
FLJS part 5: Closing Remarks: Cases of Family Reunification and use of torture 6:12 Read by Aharon Barak
FLJS part 4: The Relationship between Political and Judicial Branches 4:43 Read by Aharon Barak
FLJS part 3: Criticisms and Answers: Proportionality vs. Strict Scrutiny 5:11 Read by Aharon Barak
FLJS part 2: Freedom of Speech 1:25 Read by Aharon Barak
FLJS part 1: Human Rights 3:05 Read by Aharon Barak
2009 Annual Lecture: Human rights and their limitations: the role of proportiona… 59:07 Read by Aharon Barak
Human Rights and their Limitations: The Role of Proportionality 1:12:05 Read by Aharon Barak
Equality in an Era of Responsibility 1:06:49 Read by John Roemer
Justice after Atrocity: A Cosmopolitan Pluralist Approach 56:02 Read by Mark Drumbl
Beyond the Third Way in Labour Law: Towards the Constitutionalization of Labour … 47:02 Read by Hugh Collins
If the Public Would be Outraged by Their Rulings, Should Judges Care? 46:46 Read by Cass Sunstein
Contract, Obligation, Rights and Reciprocity in the New Modern Welfare State 58:10 Read by Raymond Plant
Courts, Legislatures, Administrators, and the Making of Social Policy 52:26 Read by Martin Shapiro
FLJS and Aspen Institute Lecture: Detention without Trial in Wartime Britain 57:29 Read by AWB Simpson
Transformative Constitutionalism and Socio-Economic Rights Part 2 22:15 Read by Pius Langa
Transformative Constitutionalism and Socio-Economic Rights Part 1 25:33 Read by Pius Langa


hard to listen to

(5 stars)

the audio quality is good and everything but it's hard to listen to these communists insane thought processes. in the first part they advocate schizophrenia because someone might see pictures of your life online