The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Part 1

(4.2 stars; 590 reviews)

And so, reader, farewell to Sherlock Holmes! These are positively the last stories. There is some disagreement as to their quality, and some claim that Conan Doyle was writing more experimentally, rather than to the conventional Sherlock Holmes formula. Not all the stories are narrated by the faithful Watson, and the stories are regarded as the darkest of the Holmes canon, with some unusual villains.

Part 2 of this audio book will available as soon as it is recorded.

Please note: Section 5, The Adventure of the Three Gables, includes language which, though normal for the time it was written, is now regarded as highly unacceptable racial slurs. Anyone who finds this too offensive may wish to omit this story. Indeed, any listener who would understandably prefer to avoid my poor attempt at American accents, may prefer not to listen to a number of these stories. Conan Doyle seemed to like American villains. … (summary by Ruth Golding)

This book is part of the Legamus collection. It is public domain in the European Union, where it is hosted on Legamus' servers. It may not be legally accessed in the United States.



(4.5 stars)

The stories are, as one person has already noted, a little darker than the earlier collections, but they are certainly not over the line. This slight could be attributed to the aging of the author rather than any boredom with the character. The story lines seem to be crafted with the unmatched craft of Doyle, and I certainly look forward to the second volume. The reader did a professional job, but my preference is for these narratives to be read by a man.


(3.5 stars)

Good reading. I don't particularly like the voice she uses for Watson when she changes from narrator to conversation with Sherlock. Since it is Watson narrating it seems the voices should stay the same. After listening to David Clark read all the other Sherlock stories it was also hard to change readers for I thoroughly enjoyed him, but this reader does a good job and I enjoyed her more as I got used to her.

Sherlock Holmes

(5 stars)

Very well read by Ruth Gilding and can't wait for the rest of this volume to be ready to listen to. I just enjoy all of the many Sherlock Holmes readings OTR programs and books to enjoy Doyle's great detectives cases narrated by Dr Watson. Ruth does s very good job of reading this as all is accustomed to with her great readings!

just no

(1 stars)

I am really interested in listening to the stories themselves but I cannot get passed the reader. I really did try, but her voice as Sherlock sounds as if he is on his deathbed and when she speaks as Watson it seems like he is a creepy Igor type or my precious!...really wish someone else would read this.

voices are awful

(1 stars)

Why does Sherlock sound like he's dying? Why does Watson sound like a creepy super old man? After listening to David Clark narrate all the other novels this was a massive disappointment-- couldn't finish it and will have to just read the book instead.

(5 stars)

thank you for the outstanding job. I appreciate so much you taking the time to read this story so wonderfully. I apologize for the ignorance of some readers who do not appreciate your efforts not do they realize that you volunteer so graciously your time.

(5 stars)

Ruth Golding shines in her reading here. Though some have claimed that her character voice for Holmes makes him sound like a dying old man, I disagree. She gives him a slow, thinking, methodical voice, which seems entirely reasonable to me, given his advanced intellect and capabilities. To me, this only makes him sound more real. I would agree that David Clarke is the best Sherlock Holmes reader on this app, but as he never recorded this book in particular, Ruth takes a very deserving second place in my opinion, and does the book acceptable justice.

great book

(5 stars)

as always a great work by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle the narrator may not be to everyone's taste but if you can get past her style she is very articulate and does attempt to get you into the story by altering her voice for different characters I did not mind her reading at all although others have told me she is difficult to listen to. I am excited and can't wait for them to record part 2