Letters from Victorian Pioneers

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A series of letters on the early occupation of the colony, the Aborigines, etc addressed by Victorian pioneers to his Excellency Charles Joseph La Trobe Esq. , Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of Victoria in response to a circular letter sent by him to a number of early settlers dated 29th July 1853. -
It cannot be claimed for these papers that they are infallible records of our early history at every point.
( from the preface),
The last section ends with lists of Aboriginal words and phrases as were collected by a lady. I'm in 2 minds about these, I respect her desire to keep a record but do not have any idea of their correctness, but they are there if anyone wants to have a go. And please remember that no one is saying the views in the letters are correct. (Annise) (0 hr 44 min)


Preface 3:34 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
J.M. MacLeod, Tahara 4:47 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Hugh Murray, Colac 4:39 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
J.H.Patterson, Moorabee 5:14 Read by Kathrine Engan
H.Norman Simson, Charlotte Fields 8:42 Read by Kathrine Engan
John Carfrae, Ledcourt 1:47 Read by Kathrine Engan
David Fisher, Roslin, Geelong 18:44 Read by Kalynda
Letter from T.H.Pyke, Upper Werribee, Ballan 1:55 Read by Kalynda
Edward Dryden, Macedon 3:27 Read by Kalynda
Letter from John G. Robertson, Wando Vale 40:12 Read by Barbara Baker
Charles Wale Sherard, Creswick Creek 4:49 Read by Barbara Baker
Thomas Leanmonth, Buninyong 15:58 Read by Barbara Baker
John Hepburn, Smeaton Hill 53:23 Read by chocmuse
William Thomas. Brief Account of the Aborigines of Australia Felix part 1 45:27 Read by TriciaG
William Thomas. Brief Account of the Aborigines of Australia Felix part 2 46:09 Read by TriciaG
Rev. James Clow, Melbourne 17:32 Read by ChadH94
J. M. Clow. junior 3:15 Read by Nemo
J. M. Clow. (cont) 13:36 Read by Nemo
Captain Foster Fyans 35:02 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
W. Odell Raymond, Stratford 13:52 Read by Kathrine Engan
Thomas Manifold, Warrnambool 8:12 Read by Kathrine Engan
Letter from George Armytage, Hermitage 8:32 Read by Kathrine Engan
Henry Dwyer, Victoria Valley 1:45 Read by Barbara Baker
Sir H. E. F. Young 3:28 Read by Barbara Baker
Letter from A. M. Campbell, Ganawarra 7:04 Read by Kathrine Engan
John Gardiner 0:59 Read by Kathrine Engan
Philip D. Rose, Melbourne 11:06 Read by Kathrine Engan
George Faithfull, Wangaratta 9:59 Read by Sonia
George D. Mercer, Weatherboard, near Geelong 5:50 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
William F. Splatt, Melbourne 4:15 Read by Barbara Baker
Letter from Robert Jamieson, Melbourne 5:11 Read by Barbara Baker
Letter from Charles Wedge 7:16 Read by Barbara Baker
J. Blair, Portland 4:15 Read by Barbara Baker
William J. T. Clarke 6:58 Read by Barbara Baker
Edward Bell, Wimmera 38:37 Read by TriciaG
W. T. Mollison, Pyalong 8:06 Read by BettyB
Leslie Foster 3:24 Read by BettyB
George Edward Mackay 6:07 Read by BettyB
William Taylor, Longerenong, Wimmera 9:30 Read by BettyB
Charles J. Tyers, Alberton 26:15 Read by KHand
C. Hutton, Melbourne 4:52 Read by KHand
John Aitken, Mount Aitken 4:08 Read by KHand
Peter Snodgrass, St. Kilda 3:50 Read by KHand
C. B. Hall, Amherst, Burnbank 27:54 Read by KHand
Colin Campbell 10:15 Read by Kalynda
Edward Grimes 2:07 Read by TriciaG
John Templeton, Kyneton 4:10 Read by garybclayton
Alfred Taddy Thomson, Fiery Creek 10:15 Read by garybclayton
Thomas Chirnside, Point Cook 8:39 Read by Shana Burns
E. P. S. Sturt, Lonsdale Street 25:05 Read by Jenny Bradshaw
Dr. A. Thomson 9:49 Read by Kristine Bekere
A. McMillan, Bushy Park 16:08 Read by Kristine Bekere
S. G. Henty, Portland 13:48 Read by Kristine Bekere
C. J. La Trobe, Melbourne 7:21 Read by Kalynda
Hugh Jamieson 13:55 Read by ToddHW
Thomas Winter, of Hobart 9:04 Read by Jenny Bradshaw
Gellibrand's memorandum part 1 30:25 Read by Nemo
Gellibrand's memorandum part 2 30:39 Read by Nemo
John Hart, Melbourne 13:12 Read by Kristine Bekere