The Enormous Room

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"For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost; and is found."

He was lost by the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps.

He was officially dead as a result of official misinformation.

He was entombed by the French Government.

It took the better part of three months to find him and bring him back to life—with the help of powerful and willing friends on both sides of the Atlantic.

This is his story. (Summary from the introduction.)

Note: This account contains a lot of French. A listener might become frustrated if they do not understand that language. (10 hr 46 min)


Introduction 16:12 Read by Nemo
I Begin a Pilgrimage 42:23 Read by Nemo
En Route 27:58 Read by David Eakle
A Pilgrim's Progress 49:04 Read by David Eakle
Le Nouveau, Part 1 45:29 Read by Davida George
Le Nouveau, Part 2 49:51 Read by David Eakle
A Group of Portraits 51:53 Read by Farnood
Apollyon 57:19 Read by Farnood
An Approach to the Delectable Mountains, Part 1 42:24 Read by Jacquerie
An Approach to the Delectable Mountains, Part 2 33:41 Read by Jacquerie
The Wanderer 28:53 Read by David Eakle
Zoo-Loo 41:33 Read by David Eakle
Surplice 30:51 Read by David Eakle
Jean le Nègre 49:42 Read by David Eakle
Three Wise Men 39:20 Read by Jacquerie
I Say Good-Bye to La Misère 39:39 Read by Jacquerie