God's Way of Peace: A Book for the Anxious

Read by Loren Eaton

(4.6 stars; 27 reviews)

Both a work of theology and psychology, Calvinist revivalist Horatius Bonar guides readers from the universal human need for repentance and faith to the "peace that passes all understanding" that comes from communion with Christ. - Summary by Loren Eaton (3 hr 53 min)


Preface and Chapter 1: God's Testimony Concerning Man 14:24 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 2: Man's Own Character No Ground of Peace 18:21 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 3: God's Character Our Resting Place 16:24 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 4: Righteous Grace 11:47 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 5: The Blood of Sprinkling 14:50 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 6: The Person and Work of the Substitute 17:06 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 7: The Word of the Truth of the Gospel 24:13 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 8: Believe and Be Saved 20:22 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 9: Believe Just Now 17:54 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 10: The Want of Power to Believe 23:05 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 11: Insensibility 16:59 Read by Loren Eaton
Chapter 12: Jesus Only 37:52 Read by Loren Eaton


(4 stars)

Absolutely wonderful! Truly a blessing! This was another answer to prayer and much needed! Reader is excellent and deeply thanked! God bless you!


(5 stars)

Beautiful reading of a beautiful book. God's truth is stated clearly and richly. Highly recommend!

pro note

(5 stars)

download "The Essential Works of Horatius Bonar" and read while listening. It's a good experience.

2n Gospel

(5 stars)

the 2nd gospel is what most have called this. and right so. there are only two flaws in his entire theology but to be expected. Bonar speak on drinking as tho it is sin it is not. Mark 7:14-23. and the other is he says Christianity must be meak and kind and it is not, sometime we are to bind their chord and whoop their lying sinning asses. but this is up to GOD not up to us. HIS will Not ours. this book two book series. GOD'S way of peace. a book for the anxious and GOD'S way of HOLINESS. these two together are a must read for every CHRISTIAN.

didn’t finish

(3 stars)

the narrator is flipping great! but the book/read itself i couldn’t get into. reminded me too much of school with all the religious references perhaps. made it to chapter 9 but that was enough for me. not compelling enough to keep me till the end.


(5 stars)

Excellent reading of a suberb book on the Gospel of God's grace

OK to read

(3 stars)

Was expecting something mystical