The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson

Read by Michael Yard

(4.4 stars; 67 reviews)

In one of his later novels, the master storyteller spins a tale of two children switched at infancy. A slave takes on the identity of master and heir while the rightful heir is condemned to live the life of a slave. Twain uses this vehicle to explore themes of nature vs. nurture, racial bigotry and moral relativism. The case of mistaken identity is a theme that Twain explored also in THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER; in THE TRAGEDY OF PUDD'NHEAD WILSON he turns the theme into a well-crafted detective story. It is unfortunate that this is one of Twain's lesser known works as it is one of his most enjoyable reads. (7 hr 6 min)


Pudd'nhead Wins His Name 14:21 Read by Michael Yard
Driscoll Spares His Slaves 19:36 Read by Michael Yard
Roxy Plays a Shrewd Trick 15:44 Read by Michael Yard
The Ways of the Changelings 22:51 Read by Michael Yard
The Twins Thrill Dawson's Landing 14:26 Read by Michael Yard
Swimming in Glory 13:51 Read by Michael Yard
The Unknown Nymph 8:51 Read by Michael Yard
Marse Tom Tramples His Chance 26:23 Read by Michael Yard
Tom Practices Sycophancy 13:54 Read by Michael Yard
The Nymph Revealed 13:57 Read by Michael Yard
Pudd'nhead's Thrilling Discovery 35:27 Read by Michael Yard
The Shame of Judge Driscoll 16:14 Read by Michael Yard
Tom Stares at Ruin 16:58 Read by Michael Yard
Roxana Insists Upon Reform 26:34 Read by Michael Yard
The Robber Robbed 24:06 Read by Michael Yard
Sold Down the River 10:53 Read by Michael Yard
The Judge Utters Dire Prophesy 6:29 Read by Michael Yard
Roxana Commands 29:51 Read by Michael Yard
The Prophesy Realized 25:15 Read by Michael Yard
The Murderer Chuckles 20:47 Read by Michael Yard
Doom 33:01 Read by Michael Yard
Conclusion 6:03 Read by Michael Yard
Author's Note 11:05 Read by Michael Yard


Fantastic story/Fantastic Reader

(5 stars)

one of the other reviews states that the Reader seems uninterested - I have to disagree - it's called narrating - he quite enthusiastically changes tone for each character but has a distinct narration style (maybe it's preference but I think it's nice) recording is clear, the story is wonderful even if you can guess what may happen you still don't know how it will affect the characters - and the man volunteered for us to enjoy the story.... thank you!

Excellent Reading

(5 stars)

Mark Twain is my favourite author, and I haven't found a reader that can do justice to his books like John Greenman can (well, save the author himself).

Not really Pudd'nhead's tragedy

(5 stars)

Another fantastic tale by Mark Twain, although the ending was pretty predictable within the first chapter or two. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

the webs we weave

(4 stars)

Prince and the pauper based in Southern America during the early 1800’s. Good characters and obvious twists but a fun listen

(5 stars)

I have read many of Twain's a works, a d this is o e of his best.

(1 stars)

Bad reading. He sounds like he doesn't want to do it. I quit listening.

Good Read

(4 stars)

As always, Twain deliverer. The story has an especially satisfying ending.

good one

(5 stars)

A great reading, a shocking story.